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Bullet Jan 21, 2014

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    This download is a cheat trainer for Sonic Adventure on the Xbox 360. This trainer created by Froody has five cheat options which can easily be accessed from the trainer menu. Beating this classic game will be an absolute breeze now using these mods.

    About Sonic Adventure:

    Taking place on a fictional island connected to a city, the game follows the adventures of the protagonist Sonic the Hedgehog. An ancient entity named Chaos is released by series villain Doctor Eggman and plots to steal the seven Chaos Emeralds for the entity. Sonic is joined by his best friend Miles "Tails" Prower, Amy Rose, who views Sonic as her love interest, Knuckles the Echidna, who plans to reassemble the Master Emerald, Big the Cat, a cat who attempts to rescue his frog friend, and E-102 Gamma, one of Eggman's robots.

    About Froody:

    Froody is the newest addition to our team of developers and is already feeling his feet and releasing some great mods for the community. Keep an eye on Froody I believe we will see some great things.

    Other Mods from This developer:

    Sonic Adventure 2 Real Time Mod Tool

    Sonic Adventure Cheat Trainer Options:

    Infinite Lives

    Infinite Rings

    Infinite Black Market Rings

    Freeze Timer

    Always Load as Metal Sonic

    Enable All Cheats


    Download the RAR file below.

    Extract the "Trainer.xex" & "Trainer_Loader.xex" from the RAR.

    Place the files onto your Xbox 360 HDD or a USB drive.

    Run "Trainer_Loader.xex"

    Launch the game.

    Press Start+Back and the trainer will pop up.



    Please NOTE: All cheats will be nop'd once set. However, Lives, Rings and Blackmarket rings will not be set at their max values unless you're in a level (Lives & Rings) or Chao Garden (Black Market Rings) when you set the cheats.

    Title ID: 58410A25

    Media ID: 03D87CD5

    Title Update: 0

    Works both with & without the DX DLC!

    Also, Metal Sonic works without the DLC [;)]

    Any problems or recommendations for an update, PM me or post below

    Have a trainer request? Post it here:


    Created by Froody

    TeamXPG Sr
    - ADDZ - XPGObyto- Bullet -- BxRKings - begallegal1
    - XPGSensi420 - GoldZ - AlexKyori -f1l3gr3n-

    TeamXPG Dev
    Whit ey -redhulk- JohnAKAGoldGiver-MastaOfEvil -
    -- XPGAurora -t3fury -losparo-XPGRocky-AAW- Froody


    Click here to download
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