Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 Coming To Xbox One, PS4, PC

Bullet Dec 16, 2014

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    CI Games have recently announced that the studio is "deep in the development" of Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3, the third installment in a series that's already sold 5.5 million copies.

    "The Sniper: Ghost Warrior franchise is one of the most popular in the CI Games portfolio with over 5.5 million copies sold, so we're investing a significant amount of effort into the third installment," said CI Games CEO Marek Tyminski. "We're fully committed to creating a AAA franchise that gamers can rely on for the ultimate first-person sniper experience."
    We can expect to see the third installment of the 'hit' series on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC in the first half of 2016, developer CI Games announced today, no mention of Xbox 360 or PS3.

    sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 will be set in Eastern Europe, in modern times, where you play a sniper who is "caught between three warring factions." The theme of the previous games runs through the latest version, you will have the option to pick off the enemies at range or take a closer stealthier approach.

    CI Games says Ghost Warrior 3 will offer "non-linear, sandbox-style gameplay" set on open-ended maps. This approach will give more freedom to players to play the missions however they like, adding longevity to the game.

    So far there are no screenshots or trailers to accompany the game other than the image we have to accompany this article which you can see above.
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