Smash Bros Modders Create Modded Amiibo's

Bullet Jan 22, 2015

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    Its official folks, Amiibo's have finally been modded so that characters that have either not been announced yet or are actually fictional (not clear yet ) are being used in games.

    A modder going by the name of Mema Haxx has managed to mod Amiibo characters that do not exist into the game. One Youtube video shows a character called Duck Hunt Duo being used in game.

    Some gamers have been calling this video fake (oh the irony) and suggesting that this isn't real and doesn't work. Well the second video released by the very same modder shows a bit more proof that the 'Fake' Ammibos actually work.
    Haxx created a character named 'Game and Watch' which you can actually watch being imported into the game and doing battle with Mario and Peaches on Coliseum:

    As you can see from the video the modded Amiibo seems to work exactly like an ordinary Amiibo would do. The Amiibo fights, and can level up and do everything a normal character can do.
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