Skyrim Save Request Xbox 360

xHANNIBAL Mar 4, 2014

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    Mar 4, 2014
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    Hello, I have a game save mod request.

    Thank you in advance to whoever has time to do this for me.
    Here are the codes I want applied to the save:

    player.modav ShoutRecoveryMult 0
    player.modav 0x000003EA 1000
    player.modav 0x000003E8 5000
    player.modav 0x000003E9 1000
    player.modav 0x000003EB 25.0
    player.modav 0x000003EC 25.0
    player.modav 0x000003ED 25.0
    player.modav 0x0000063C 900
    player.modav 0x0000063B 900
    player.teachword 602A4
    player.teachword 602A5
    player.teachword 6029A
    player.teachword 6029B
    player.teachword 6029C
    player.teachword 20E17
    player.teachword 20E18
    player.teachword 20E19
    player.teachword 48ACA
    player.teachword 48ACB
    player.teachword 48ACC
    player.teachword 2F7BB
    player.teachword 2F7BC
    player.teachword 2F7BD
    player.teachword 60291
    player.teachword 60292
    player.teachword 60293
    player.teachword 3291D
    player.teachword 3291E
    player.teachword 3291F
    player.teachword 32917
    player.teachword 32918
    player.teachword 32919
    player.teachword 5D16C
    player.teachword 5D16D
    player.teachword 5D16E
    player.teachword 602A0
    player.teachword 602A1
    player.teachword 602A2
    player.teachword 5FB95
    player.teachword 5FB96
    player.teachword 5FB97
    player.teachword 3CD31
    player.teachword 3CD32
    player.teachword 3CD33
    player.teachword 51960
    player.teachword 51961
    player.teachword 51962
    player.teachword 44251
    player.teachword 44252
    player.teachword 44253
    player.teachword 60297
    player.teachword 60298
    player.teachword 60299
    player.teachword 60294
    player.teachword 60295
    player.teachword 60296
    player.teachword 46B89
    player.teachword 46B8A
    player.teachword 46B8B
    player.teachword 6029D
    player.teachword 6029E
    player.teachword 6029F
    player.teachword 3291A
    player.teachword 3291B
    player.teachword 3291C
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