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ShockFury Feb 6, 2014

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    I would enjoy if my Save could be edited as to help me progress in my quest to save the world! (For the 50th time)

    For Most if not all the items i'd like in the save, they should be in this Thread created earlier.

    Stuff i want in the edit are listed below.

    400 Magicka, Health, Stamina
    100 of Every Alchemical ingridiant. (200 Daedra hearts)
    200 Ebony ingots, Gold ingots, Dragonscales, Dragonbones, Diamonds, Flawless Diamonds, and Leather. (500 leather Strips)
    100 Black/Grand Soul Gems
    Conjure Dragon Priest Spell, and the Master Destruction spells
    If possible, Highborn, Hitskin, Dragonskin, & Adrenaline Rush Racial Skills
    Alchemy, Enchanting, And Smithing perks
    Each Dragon Priest Mask (Except Wooden)
    Every available enchanted item thats listed in the Id's
    The White phial, Mehrunes' razor, & Skeleton Key
    700k Septims/Gold (700,000)

    Edit: I know its not much but this should help a little bit, After creating a text document Follow the instruction bellow.

    Cut & Paste the Document containing the codes in to the Skyrim directory. Default directory locations are listed below.
    Steam: "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim"
    Non-Steam: "C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim"
    "C:\Program Files\The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim"

    Then whilst in Skyrim, run it as a Batch file, typing something like "bat <FilenameHere>"

    Got most of the stuff i would like down bellow ready for copy pasting.

    player.addperk 000BEE97
    player.addperk 000C367C
    player.addperk 000C367D
    player.addperk 000C367E
    player.addperk 000C367F
    player.addperk 00058F7C
    player.addperk 00058F80
    player.addperk 00058F81
    player.addperk 00108A44
    player.addperk 00058F7E
    player.addperk 00058F82
    player.addperk 00058F7D
    player.addperk 00058F7F
    player.addperk 000BE127
    player.addperk 000C07CA
    player.addperk 000C07CB
    player.addperk 000C07CC
    player.addperk 000C07CD
    player.addperk 00058215
    player.addperk 00058216
    player.addperk 00058217
    player.addperk 00058218
    player.addperk 00105F2A
    player.addperk 00105F2B
    player.addperk 00105F2F
    player.addperk 00105F2E
    player.addperk 00105F2C
    player.addperk 0005821D
    player.addperk 000CB40D
    player.addperk 0005218E
    player.addperk 000CB40F
    player.addperk 000CB414
    player.addperk 000CB411
    player.addperk 000CB40E
    player.addperk 000CB410
    player.addperk 000CB412
    player.addperk 000CB413
    player.addperk 00052190
    player.additem 0001DFFF 1; Absorb Health
    player.additem 0001E002 1; Absorb Magicka
    player.additem 0001E005 1; Absorb Stamina
    player.additem 0001E008 1; Banish
    player.additem 0001E022 1; Fear
    player.additem 0001E033 1; Fire Damage
    player.additem 0001E05D 1; Frost Damage
    player.additem 0001E082 1; Magicka Damage
    player.additem 0001E085 1; Paralyze
    player.additem 0001E088 1; Shock Damage
    player.additem 0001E0D6 1; Soul Trap
    player.additem 0001E0D9 1; Stamina Damage
    player.additem 0001E0E7 1; Turn Undead
    player.additem 000F82FC 1; Absorb Magicka
    player.additem 000F71DD 1; Absorb Stamina
    player.additem 000AE087 1; Briarheart Geis
    player.additem 00040002 1; Fiery Soul Trap
    player.additem 000AE086 1; Huntsman's Prowess
    player.additem 001019D4 1; Notched Pickaxe
    player.additem 0003B0BE 1; Silent Moons Enchant
    player.additem 000D7AB0 1; Fortify Alchemy
    player.additem 000D7A65 1; Fortify Alteration
    player.additem 0010D66F 1; Fortify Alteration & Magicka Regen
    player.additem 000D7AC5 1; Fortify Archery
    player.additem 0010DF50 1; Fortify Barter
    player.additem 0010DF20 1; Fortify Block
    player.additem 000D7A8A 1; Fortify Carryweight
    player.additem 0010CF35 1; Fortify Conjuration
    player.additem 0010D675 1; Fortify Conjuration & Magicka Regen
    player.additem 0010CF38 1; Fortify Destruction
    player.additem 0010D678 1; Fortify Destruction & Magicka Regen
    player.additem 000FE300 1; Fortify Healing rate
    player.additem 000D7A9A 1; Fortify Health
    player.additem 000D7A9D 1; Fortify Heavy Armor
    player.additem 0010CF3B 1; Fortify Illusion
    player.additem 0010D67C 1; Fortify Illusion & Magicka Regen
    player.additem 00100E1D 1; Fortify Light Armor
    player.additem 0010DF3E 1; Fortify Lockpicking
    player.additem 000D7A08 1; Fortify Magicka
    player.additem 000FE303 1; Fortify Magicka Regen
    player.additem 000D7AC8 1; Fortify One-Handed
    player.additem 0010DF70 1; Fortify Pickpocket
    player.additem 0010CF3E 1; Fortify Restoration
    player.additem 0010D684 1; Fortify Restoration & Magicka Regen
    player.additem 000D7ACE 1; Fortify Smithing
    player.additem 000FDA06 1; Fortify Sneak
    player.additem 0010DF79 1; Fortify Stamina
    player.additem 000FE2FD 1; Fortify Stamina Regen
    player.additem 000D7AD1 1; Fortify Two-Handed
    player.additem 0010A06A 1; Fortify Unarmed
    player.additem 000D7A8B 1; Muffle
    player.additem 00100E65 1; Resist Disease
    player.additem 000D7A8E 1; Resist Fire
    player.additem 000D7A91 1; Resist Frost
    player.additem 0010DFA3 1; Resist Magic
    player.additem 00100E5F 1; Resist Poison
    player.additem 000D7A94 1; Resist Shock
    player.additem 000D7AED 1; Waterbreathing
    player.additem 000C5809 1; Blessing of Mara
    player.additem 0010EB65 1; Resist Magic (Stronger)
    player.additem 00108546 1; Shadowsight
    player.additem 00108543 1; Shadowstrength
    player.additem 00108545 1; Shadowstrike
    player.additem 00108544 1; Shadowthrive
    player.additem 00106e1b 100
    player.additem 0006bc02 100
    player.additem 000a9195 100
    player.additem 000a9191 100
    player.additem 0004da20 100
    player.additem 0004da25 100
    player.additem 000727de 100
    player.additem 000e4f0c 100
    player.additem 00077e1c 100
    player.additem 00034cdd 100
    player.additem 0003ad61 100
    player.additem 0006abcb 100
    player.additem 00052695 100
    player.additem 0003ad56 100
    player.additem 00023d77 100
    player.additem 000b2183 100
    player.additem 000b701a 100
    player.additem 00106e19 100
    player.additem 0003ad5b 200
    player.additem 000516c8 100
    player.additem 000889a2 100
    player.additem 000f11c0 100
    player.additem 0003ad63 100
    player.additem 00034d31 100
    player.additem 0006bc07 100
    player.additem 0003ad5d 100
    player.additem 0003ad5e 100
    player.additem 0004da00 100
    player.additem 00034d32 100
    player.additem 0003ad5f 100
    player.additem 00034d22 100
    player.additem 0007e8c1 100
    player.additem 0003ad64 100
    player.additem 0003ad73 100
    player.additem 0007ee01 100
    player.additem 00083e64 100
    player.additem 0006b689 100
    player.additem 0003ad66 100
    player.additem 00057f91 100
    player.additem 000e7ebc 100
    player.additem 000e7ed0 100
    player.additem 00106e18 100
    player.additem 000b08c5 100
    player.additem 001016b3 100
    player.additem 000b18cd 100
    player.additem 0003ad6a 100
    player.additem 0004da23 100
    player.additem 0006ac4a 100
    player.additem 0005076e 100
    player.additem 0006bc0a 100
    player.additem 00045c28 100
    player.additem 000727df 100
    player.additem 000D8E3F 100
    player.additem 000ec870 100
    player.additem 0006bc00 100
    player.additem 0004da24 100
    player.additem 0002f44c 100
    player.additem 00059b86 100
    player.additem 0007edf5 100
    player.additem 000bb956 100
    player.additem 000854fe 100
    player.additem 00023d6f 100
    player.additem 0006bc10 100
    player.additem 00077e1e 100
    player.additem 00077e1d 100
    player.additem 00106e1a 100
    player.additem 0006bc04 100
    player.additem 00034cdf 100
    player.additem 0006f950 100
    player.additem 00106e1c 100
    player.additem 0003ad6f 100
    player.additem 0007e8c5 100
    player.additem 0003ad70 100
    player.additem 0006bc0b 100
    player.additem 00085500 100
    player.additem 0001b3bd 100
    player.additem 0009151b 100
    player.additem 00063b5f 100
    player.additem 0007e8b7 100
    player.additem 0003ad71 100
    player.additem 000134aa 100
    player.additem 0004da73 100
    player.additem 0003ad72 100
    player.additem 0003f7f8 100
    player.additem 0003ad76 100
    player.additem 0003ad60 100
    player.additem 0004b0ba 100
    player.additem 0004da22 100
    player.additem 0006bc0e 100
    player.additem 0007e8c8 100
    player.additem 000727e0 100
    player.additem 0003ad60 100
    player.additem 0004bc95 100

    (These are only the Perks i wanted, the Alchemy ingredients, and enchanted items!)

    I know, i put to much effort into it to shorten others pain editing my stuff, but its the least i can do if it means making it easier on the hard working members of this site. <3
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    Hey; I'd have gotten to this earlier but I was in an Exam. Unfortunately I got everything but I had to mod the inventory, on top of that the item code: 0004bc95 100 wasn't recognised and as a result was not added. I modded the inventory so that you could move (the items went over the limit and caused the character unresponsive to movement unless items were dropped.

    Download Link:
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    Thank you so Much, and i forgot to mention increasing the amount of Carry weight, but im sure thats what you were talking about when you said "Couldn't move". Thanks so much for doing this, im sure that large copy paste i made really cut the time in doing this for me. (REally wish i had the game myself for PC)

    Edit: Very nice save, has almost everything i wanted in it, the only things missing are the Dragon Priest masks, and the crafting materials, and few spells, im fine with it as is now because it is a very good save edit, but if its not too much trouble, would you be able to add the few other things i asked for? I'll be patient as i can, luckily you don't need to add all the perks Alchemicals or enchanted armors/weps/robes/necklaces/rings now. <3
    You can see what all i wanted in my first post if you really do want to do another small edit.

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