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Coolv Mar 15, 2013

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    Mar 14, 2013
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    I am new to this and I havent been able to find a save that would serve as the best mage with a large variety of spells. If someone could please make one that had this, it would be much appreciated:
    imperial/ male
    level 1
    250 perk points
    all dragon shouts and spells and powers, dawnguard, dragonborn (dev included)
    all locations unlocked
    999 dragon souls
    10,000 magicka and stamina
    100 health
    vampire lord/ werewolf ability
    infinite gold and carry weight
    zero shouts cooldown time
    all unobtainable apparel/spells/shouts (Because well obtainable items are obtainable)
    dragonborn - spider scrolls - 100000 of each cloaked spider and oil and mind control spiders
    9999 of all ingots (for hearthfire)
    And Im not sure how they do it but people make spells from ingame effects like there is a steam blast spell, or a tentacle stream effect
    It would be cool if (even possible) someone could create a save that has these spells ( so long as they are compatible with the xbox 360) like...
    emit steam
    conjure dragon priest
    conjure dwemer sphere
    transmorgify etc..
    vampiric drain while in vampire lord mode
    and any other possible effects
    And if it is possible could the 3x limit on summon karstaag be removed
    Pre cc not necessary because of the reconstruction lady in the thieves guild
    If someone could create this save pleaseeee it would be awesome. Undoubtedly the best mage save out there

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