skyrim modded save best than developer's staf

rosssiou Dec 8, 2012

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    hi, today i bring you a save its not my save but i dont remember from who is so i name it unknown save...
    this a pre-CC save so that's pretty cool and you have
    all the spell (no devs)
    you some ring's one of them make you a ghost, another make you invisible and have night vision another the same but with a ball of light another that make you invisible only, another one call the storm, and the last one make that the enemies in mele rank get burned for 200 point per second, you have every single perk and all locations at the map is unlocked once you get out from helgen just fast travel to helgen again and search for the chest's if dont see them they are in the place when you see the dragon (alduin)

    now at helgen you wll note that there are alot of chest thoose chest's have all the developer's staf but there more things and in one of them you have all the ingredients and 999 of each one, you will have to take your time and search every one also you have infinite gold, 9999 of stanmina less tahn 3000 of health and mgicka i dont remember the exactly number you have all the shouts and 99 of dragon souls and also something really cool is that you have all power's and all affects for me this is the best save because you are not like a god so it make fell that you are really playing but you still powerfull alot (SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH) hope that you understand !!!!ENJOY¡¡¡¡ dont forget to rehash and resign.

    here is the file: if broken tell me

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