Skyrim modded game save request

lazarus1 Aug 27, 2014

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    Jul 28, 2014
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    Hey everyone, I Have a pretty simple request.
    I would like some one to Mod my skyrim V the elder scrolls Xbox 360 game save.
    I know this games old but I do want to finish this game my way lol
    I know theres heaps of game saves out there
    But they all have map locations reveald and that what I dont want
    I know beggers cant be choosers but
    if someone out there is willing to do the below
    I would be eternaly gratefull. Heres what I would like

    1st lots and lots of health, basicly god mode
    lotsa stamina, Magic i dont care about i dont use it
    2nd A complete set of nightingale armor,
    I love the nightingale armor
    3rd 100 to 150 ebony ingots and leather straps
    so i can make my own weapons.
    4th all stats at what evers highest except magic i don't use magic
    But i still would like to level the stats normaly if that can be done if not i do not mind at all.
    5th I would like to be level 1 so i can level normaly
    6th max deadric arrows please I think that's it,
    But please for the love of Talos Please Do Not Reveal All Map Locations Please.
    I want to get the acheivment of revealing 100 map locations
    If Someone could do The above I would be so gratefull and forever in there debt
    Heres a gamesave right at the start,
    Im a female wood elf named nathiria
    Also I dont have any dlc
    Sorry if this hinders you

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