SKFU interview details more on his native Vita hack

scunnyemce Jan 27, 2013

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    An interview over at the PsXtools community from SKFU reveals some more information on SKFU’s attempts at fully hacking the Vita, what he has done and the possibility of a release. Awhile back SKFU teased us with was is believed to be a native Vita hack with a custom app on the homescreen and the reveal of the common app paths along with his obtainment of devkit Vitas. Now the interview with SKFU reveals some light on what exactly he has been doing including a batch of images of his exploit in action, showing off directory access. I’ve translated the interview from German to English which you can read below. Keep in mind that we have no verifiable proof of this in our hands so far:

    ps X ”You have your own exploit for the PS Vita – What is this?”

    SKFU: “I’m working on several different exploits, including some less and others more useful. I haven’t yet been any further than User Mode, this time Sony didn’t do ​​a terrible job.”

    “For example, the FS (File System) is more secure than on the PlayStation 3, but hopefully it’s only a matter of time. Unfortunately, the problem of all current exploits is to port them and adapt them to a new system, since they are highly adapted to the respective systems on which they were created. In my view, strong measures were taken during PSV development to make sure that there would be no piracy on it. “​


    “Unfortunately many other aspects were ignored, which Sony has not taken into account apparently. I’d be glad to give details and give examples but as usual, this would in a short receive a firmware update which will lead of course to the error being fixed. So wait until there is a possibility that it can be prevented. ”
    ps X “Do you have unpack/repack tools PSVIMG files.”

    SKFU: ”No.”​

    ps X ”Do you get help from other programmers of the scene?”

    SKFU: ”As always, I work closely with iQD, but also with other developers from PSV Scene.”

    ps X ”Do you intend to publish your exploits in the near future?”

    SKFU: “As mentioned above it may not be published until I am certain that it can not be patched. I’m not interested in being in a cat and mouse game like VHBL, that would just be too time consuming.”​

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