Shivering Isles - get it working on xbox slim?

cwdark Sep 9, 2011

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    Sep 8, 2011
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    So when the kinect came out, I ditched my old box and bought one of the new xbox slims with only 4GB memory (no hard drive). I use flash drives to supplement and it works gloriously... Only one problem. I got back into Oblivion after news of Skyrim and I bought the Shivering Isles retail expansion disk from a used games store. Much to my frustration, it turns out you MUST have a hard drive to install Shivering Isles (Stupid I know). So.... I was able to download the Shivering Isles and Kinights of the Nine content from a thread in the gamesaves forum and I injected the files onto my flash drive using 360Revolution. I resigned and rehashed it with the correct numbers. When I go to system settings --> memory in the xbox dashboard and look under Oblivion, Both the Shivering Isles and the Knights of the Nine come up as "Marketplace Content" and appear to have injected properly. I've even transfered them to the internal memory on the xbox. The problem is, when I play oblibion - no shivering isles, and I've done the whole wait 24 hours thing. When I go to "downloaded content" in the Oblivion startup menu I don't see shivering isles or knights of the nine. When I load a game I don't get the fabled "loading extra content" message either. What could I be doing wrong? I'm kinda ****** that I have to go through all this just to get my Shivering Isles that I purchased legitimately to work...

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