Scuff Gaming Become Exclusive Xbox 3rd Party Controller Partner

Bullet Oct 15, 2015

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    Scuf Gaming just announced that it has signed a licensing agreement with Microsoft Corporation, providing Microsoft the rights to use SCUFs intellectual property, patents and innovations. Under the terms of the agreement Scuf Gaming will also become the exclusive 3rd party accessories partner for the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller.
    Duncan Ironmonger, CEO & Co-Founder of Scuf Gaming & Ironburg Inventions, stated, “Since creating a new market space for customizable professional gaming controllers 5 years ago, our vision has always been to see the mass market benefit from the innovative features and functions we patented. Over 90% of top professional gamers have recognized the competitive edge SCUF provides so we are delighted that Microsoft will now bring that edge to the wider market with its Xbox Elite Wireless Controller.”
    “SCUF continues to improve the way gamers use a controller, reducing hand strain and enhancing the gameplay experience,” said Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox. “We are pleased to work with SCUF to bring this project to the masses.”
    Scuff have also revealed that they will still be working on PS4 controllers.
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