Savage Route [Survival,PVP,mcMMO,SwornGuns,MobArena]

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    This server is for version 1.7.4
    If you plan on joining, be sure to consider joining the Steam group!



    What is Savage Route?
    Savage Route is a simple, small survival server with people who want to play multiplayer without too much fear of griefing. We make sure that you are treated the best that you can be. Not to mention we have MobArena in case you want to earn money. Perhaps you can use this server to survive with a friend without the hassle of setting it up. We try to keep the server up as much as we can. (Usually 24/7). We would love feedback on how to make this server better! Hope you join us!

    What does it feature?
    It features lots of things.

    • Survival
    • PvP Enabled
    • mcMMO
    • Economy
    • LWC
    • MobArena
    • Blackjack
    • SwornGuns
    • Skull Turrets
    • FastCraft
    • NoCheatPlus
    • CoreProtect
    • Much More!
    Any rules I should know about?

    Not much, just the basic stuff.

    • Don't Grief..
    • Don't Use Strong Language, (Minor Cussing is okay).
    • Don't be offensive or inappropriate comments, builds, etc.
    • Don't hack.
    • Be respectful to everyone.
    • Treat the chat normally. No spamming, or all caps, advertising, etc.
    • Don't ask for ranks.
    • Don't log out to avoid getting caught or punishment.
    That's basically the rules. Ask me if you have any questions!

    May I apply to become a moderator?
    Not at this time, maybe sometime in the future.

    Would I be rewarded for inviting friends to join?
    Sure, just have them mention you when they join (for the first time) and I will give you in game currency for it.

    What happens when I break the rules?
    It all depends on what you do, and how badly you do it. When you break a rule, I keep it in a log.
    There are different tiers to the rules, tagged with a punishment.

    Tier One: Very Low. Punishment: Warning
    Tier Two: Low. Punishment: Kick
    Tier Three: Moderate. Punishment: Jail Time
    Tier Four: High. Punishment. Temporary Ban
    Tier Five: Very High. Punishment: Ban

    We don't enjoy giving punishments. Please refrain from breaking the rules for both you and us.

    Can't someone just do low tier infractions over and over?
    If you repeatedly break a rule, the tier will increase, regardless.

    What do I do if I catch a rule being broken?
    Simple. If an admin is online, do /helpop (message) to get our attention.
    If an admin is not online, get genuine evidence. Videos are what we are looking for. Screenshots can also be used, just make sure we can tell the person is breaking the rules. For example, when someone hacks, nocheatplus announces it to all, so you can take a screenshot of that. Also, all users should be able to do /co inspect.
    Once you have the evidence, submit it the next time an administrator is online.

    What if an admin is being abusive?
    Report it to me, gamed9x. I will file reports into a log. And if you can, get evidence!

    May I donate for perks?
    Unfortunately, we do not accept any donations at this time. Even if we did, we couldn't give you anything in return, due to the EULA:

    These don't answer all of my questions!
    If you have any more questions, please consult the owner or an administrator.

    We recommend you use Sphax PureBDCraft as your texturepack! It ranges from 16x16 to 512x512. Download at!

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