San Andreas Flight School Event Weekend Offering Double RP and GTA$ on Grand Theft Auto Online

Rocky Aug 21, 2014

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    To celebrate the arrival of another dose of free DLC for Grand Theft Auto Online, Rockstar will be holding The San Andreas Flight School Event Weekend from tomorrow, offering three whole days of double RP and GTA$, as well as an exclusive in-game Parachute Pack for you to unlock. There'll be discounts at San Andreas businesses too, as well as special competitions, giveaways and more, as you duke it out in the skies to become the top gun.

    Play in the San Andreas Flight School Event Playlist, and you'll be able to unlock the 'High Flyer' Parachute Pack, available to grab for free from your nearest Ammu-Nation once you've completed the playlist. Meanwhile, double GTA$ and RP will be available across every Job in the Event Weekend Playlist, as well as in Air Races and Parachute Jumps. You'll even get double RP for flying under bridges during Air Races this weekend.

    Luxury properties at Del Perro Heights Apts 7 & 20 and 0120 Murrieta Heights Properties will also be 25% off, with each boasting a 10 car garage for your collection of most coveted automobiles, including the new Invetero Coquette Classic. Lester will also locate planes and choppers for you free of charge all weekend, while Merryweather Helicopter Pickups will be half price.

    Rockstar is also holding a Flight School Snapmatic contest, a creator competition and gear giveaway sweepstakes. Add to that double RP and GTA$ for completing special Gang Attacks at San Andreas International Airport and the Sandy Shores and Grapeseed Airfields, as well as special event Crate Drops, and you'll have plenty to do in The San Andreas Flight School Event Weekend from 22nd August to 24th August. There's more info on the flyer below.


    Source - X360A

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