Saints Row 2: Modders of The Row (Xbox 360 ISO Mods 2017)

CabooseSayzWTF Jun 3, 2017

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    Welcome to Modders of The Row! There is tons of new things added to saints row 2 via this iso mod! View the Mods included tab!


    This Mod Compilation. is to bring saints row 2 on xbox 360 back to life somewhat, and to introduce new things!
    So think of this as a mod that furthers the game and shows hidden elements that you arent supposed to know about.

    (go to bottom of page to see what mods work if not host, because some require you to be host)

    Mod Menus | read text doc for controls/binds. (Must Be host to use)

    Increased ammo on some weapons.
    Baseball Bat + SledgeHammar: Modded to be like the HomeRun Baseball bat from dead island. (hit somebody or a car and they go flying!)
    (Other weapons are not modded) Because that would just be tooo OP and could cause issues.

    Lots of new garages
    - Every crib has at least a car and a heli garage. (Airport doesnt have heli garage)
    - The Downtown Loft and the Suburbs Dock cribs also gained airplane garages.
    - Every garage including normal ones, now accept large vehicles! (this is a flag that enables larger vehicles into the garage)

    (2 new mechanics MUST BE HOST to see/use these mechanics)
    - Every garage/mechanic now accepts large vehicles!
    - The Lighthouse crib has Gained a BOAT MECHANIC! (Yes can customize boats!)
    - The airport has gained a AIRPLANE MECHANIC! (Yes can customize planes)
    - The new mechanic will be marked as Unknown Store, untill found, then they will be called Car Mechanic. (These mechanics are not purchasable and work Host only)

    Crib extras
    - All cribs have a gun stash and cash pickup point.
    - Some cribs have elevators added to access the extra garages on the roof (or on the roof of the neighboring building).
    - The PentHouse loft has also gained two new Teleporters in the garage area (Floor one, has Teleporter that goes to Pyramid stunt jump tunnel!)
    - Penthouse loft Garage floor 2: Has a telerporter that sends you skydiving (high in the air, for laughs lol and to parachute, turn god mode on before doing this!)
    - The Mega Condo Crib has gained a total of 9 new teleporters.
    - Mega Condo Crib Teleporters are located in the hallway near the elevator. Heres where each Teleporter Takes You(1. Garden, 2. Saints Memorial Chruch, 3. Ruins Island, 4. Super Secret Island, 5. Developers Hidden Room, 6. Inside Ultor Building, 7. Inside Sex Cavern, 8. Inside Secret Unused Bar, 9. Inside the Stripclub)
    - Developers Secret Room Has Gained a Total of 13 Teleporters (To make it feel like more of a Dev room!)
    - Developers Room Teleporters: (1. Foriegn Power Interior Room, 2. Lecturas Psiquicas Interior Room, 3. Inside Johnny Gats House, 4. Inside Sons of the Samedi Interior Room, 5. Inside The Ronin Hotel Interior Complex, 6. Inside Burning Down The House Interior Room, 7. Inside Normal Derby Arena (2 cars will spawn here), 8. Inside Special Derby Arena (2 Monster Trucks Spawn Here), 9. Inside The Gym, 10. Johhny Gats Hospital Interior Room, 11. Cutscene Restaraunt Interior Room, 12. Matts Stage Interior Room, 13. Sunshines Meat Factory Interior Room)
    (The derby arena cars might not spawn right away just run around for a min or 2 and they will spawn) Also made these cars spawn so the 2nd player can use the glitch to get to those rooms and yall can have at it without playing the actual activity!

    Extra parked vehicle spawns
    - The docked freight ship at the extreme left of the map (Stillwater Nuclear Plant) has 5 helicopter spawn points on deck and an access elevator to reach the deck.
    - The docked freight ship at the extreme right of the map (Fox Drive) has 5 helicopter spawn points on deck and an access elevator to reach the deck.
    - The escape tunnel of the Pyramid complex now spawns a Toad quadbike (allows player to perform that one particular stunt jump outside of missions).

    Unique Vehicle Modification
    - The Shaft tow truck has its durability greatly increased. (because the Tow Truck challenge is pretty much impossible in single player otherwise)
    - ALL VEHICLES SHOULD NOW BE CUSTOMIZABLE (However some may not be, but I made them all customizable) So far seems like Maeros Monster truck Varient is the only one that freezes the game if you paint it!, however you can upgrade it!, besides the train.)
    - The Phonix Car is now flyable like a plane! It's easy to control. Just buy it and teleport to the airport via mod menu, and drive and fly away!(must teleport because it takes awhile to lift off the ground)

    Gang Customization
    - New varity of cars for your gang to drive around in (Must unlock Set 3 to gain all cars)
    - Unlocking set 3 lets you choose every car from the game for your gang( This includes Cutscene based cars) to drive around in besides boats and planes, and varient based cars. And did not include The train on this, because your gang will just sit in the train and not drive it.
    - I did this so your gang could drive around in newer cars other than what you originally unlock! And so if you are in Coop and host, other players can find the cars you put your gang to drive , so they can drive them, without you having to give them the cars via buying them)

    - There are 107 new radio tracks found at Scrath That. This new music is already in the game as ambient music you randomly hear in random areas of the game. Example: You can now buy club muisc and the zombie uprising ambient music!
    - Look under Easy Listening all will be labled as Misc (Name Here), and look under Metal for Misc (Name Here).
    - These new songs can be played through My Radio (Station) if you put them there via playlist editor.
    - There are 36 new Radio stations that are hidden and can't be used normally (They play ambient music that plays throughout the game, like they are music stations that are used in the mall, on the rag, wardrop, ect...)
    - I put these here just because why not lol? and just incase you are too lazy to go buy the new radio tracks at Scratch that for 0$ a song lmao.
    - If you don't like these stations, just disable them in the pause menu Under Radio.

    The stakes in blackjack now increase in increments of 5,000 and max out at 1,000,000.

    - In Fightclub, your enemies will gang up on you a bit less.
    - Drastically relaxed the timer and annoyance tolerance in Crowd Control (its probably a bit to easy now).

    Car Dealerships
    - All car dealerships have every varient of vehicles in the game! Even unique ones and vehicles you arent alloud to have. (train, jessicas car, boss cars, cut cars + Cutscene only cars)
    - that said there are also 5 brand new dealerships, they will be marked as Unknown store and once bought they will be called (!!symbol not found)franchise.
    - The train is now storable after being bought. (Dont customize, will be stuck in mechanic)

    New Homies (replaced old ones sorry?)
    1. Maero
    2. Carlos (jail Outfit)
    3. The General
    4. Mr. Sunshine
    5. Dj Veteran Child
    6. Shogo Akuji
    7. Jyunichi
    8. Julius
    9. Donnie Car Delivery
    (Didnt add Dane Vogal because his npc sometimes freezes the game when calling him)

    Cheats (replaces alot of old ones sorry? Mostly vehicle cheats)
    Cheat Number: #1337 (unlocks all modded cheats)
    Player Ability Cheat Mods: 100+ Morph/Change to NPC cheats, (Once you activate a npc morph cheat, screen will turn black and say loading, once loading text disapears, press the back button three times because you will be stuck on a black screen otherwise)
    Weapons Cheat Mods: Give dual swords! Also has Credits to other modders here in text format, and has descriptions of the people once they are clicked!
    Weather Cheat Mods: Set time to 9pm. Set Time To 9am. Stop time.
    Cheats don't flag as cheats, can still get trophies (Could be wrong but are set not to)

    *Huge bonus points
    *very high score in most activities
    *Very quick rank up
    *Increased points per kill
    *$1,000,000+ end of game bonus if you spray the $
    *Many More

    The mods are best used in Strong Arm as that had the most moddable data. If you're looking to
    straight up level then find the $ sign and spray it the match will
    end immediately giving $2,000,000 to split with your team which help rank you up very fast.
    Not sure if you have to be host or not.


    All of the mods here work HOST ONLY except the below.

    Off host mods (dont have to be host to work)
    1. The extra garages,elevators, wep + cash staches work if not host, however the other player cant see these extra things but you can use them regardless!
    2. Npc cheats work if you arent host however, other player cant see them. Must be host for other player to see the npc morphs.
    3. Dual sword cheat.
    4. The new dealerships will be there and useable, however other player will never see them but can be used by you!
    5. All cutscene + special cars can be used and bought if not host, and other player can see them!
    6. Flyable Phonix works if not host, and other player can get in car with you!)
    7. Storing large vehicles in garages/mechanics works if not host.
    8. The modded baseball bat works if not host.
    9. All new teleporters work if not host, however other player can't see them.

    Not sure test for me and let me know!!!!:
    1. Multiplayer point mods: (Not sure if they work if not host.)
    2. Modded homies (Not sure if the other player can see the modded homies if host or not host)
    3. Not sure if the modded activites/mini games work properly if not host.
    4. The new music tracks: unsure if the other player can hear them in the car while you are host and or not host.
    5. The new music stations: unsure if other player can hear them if you are host and or not host.

    CRACKbomberxLWx (his bind mod menus, I did edit some options out and replace them with none buggy ones)
    CabooseSayzWTF (adding my own mods)
    IdolNinja (For gentelman of the row mods, I ported alot of those over and re-edited to make them compatible, and re-done some mods in them)
    SuperNull (His easycruiser mod, I took some stuff out and added new mods, such as customizable boats + planes) (source of tutorials! + learning)
    Super Geek no 1 (his original point/score mods for multiplayer, left unedited)
    Masamaru (Original Night time main menu vids, I edited them to say Modders of The Row)
    DarkLygoFast(For teaching me back in the day small stuff)
    Youtube(mrsaintsgodzilla21 + IrishCoffee) for tuts on how to get to unreachable/secret rooms via glitching.

    Modders of The Row Modded Files:!E4MgzaZa!YhqodnD7-NzpBZ_zBCher6Pl7-vdXdrlqZYyZmTYQFg

    Modders of The Row Modded Files (NO BINDS EDITION):!VkECTQwJ!K4Nc87HWOYaXESaq1jyv_R9vP5L8db6q3L7Dko0SA_k

    Virus Scan #1:

    Virus Scan#2(No Binds):
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