Ryse: Son of Rome 'Duel of Fates' Add-on Details and New Achievements

Rocky Apr 24, 2014

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    Crytek and Microsoft have announced that the third DLC for Ryse: Son of Rome is available now, with the new Duel of Fates pack offering up two new round-based arena maps and a new survival map called 'Island'. The pack also includes two new skins cherry-picked from Ryse's single-player campaign.

    Duel of Fates includes the Invictus and Barbarous arena maps, both of which are loosely inspired by historical events. The former is based around slave uprisings in The Servile Wars, while the latter harks back to barbarian invasions that led to the eventual downfall of the Roman Empire.

    With numerous objectives including the protection of Emperor Nero and new elements such as underground areas, the new Duel of Fates maps promise "plenty of thematic and environmental diversity". The pack also includes Ryse protagonist Marius Titus and Glott the barbarian chief skins for multiplayer. The Survival Island map, meanwhile, pits you against wave upon wave of enemies.

    Ryse: Son of Rome's Duel of Fates map pack is available now via the Xbox Games Store for $8.99/£4.79 or as part of the Ryse Season Pass, available for $19.99/£15.99.





    Here is the New Achievements below:

    DLC: Duel of Fates
    Cost: $8.99 USD
    Achievements: 5
    Points: 250

    Best of the Best 50
    Achieve Rank 150 in Multiplayer

    This is My Island 50
    Perform 30 Environmental Executions on Island

    Build a Bridge Out of Her 50
    Complete Invictus

    Uh, He's Already Got One, You see 50
    Complete Barbarous

    Survivor 50
    Play a Round of Survival on Island

    Source - X360A

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