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Rocky Nov 26, 2012

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    ***** of the Orient

    This one has been knocking around for a while, but the 2015 launch date may just tickle the back end of PS4’s launch window. Or we hope so, at least. OPM broke this way back in August, when Team Bondi spilled the scoop-beans about an interactive action adventure set to take place in ‘the most corrupt and decadent city on the planet’. LA Noire was heralded as one of the first games to truly bridge the gap between film and video game – rather charitably, if we’re honest – but this follow up from Brendan McNamara shows glittering bags of promise.

    Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z

    All of our nerd boxes are well and truly ticked by the prospect of Ninja Gaiden Z. We’ve got zombies from Dead Rising creator Keiji Inafune, a sprinkling of robots, ninjas and limb-severing swordplay – the only thing missing is pirates, and we wouldn’t rule them out. On current gen machines Dead Rising already managed an impressive bustle of undead – that’s the collective term – so imagine what would be possible on PS4. And, with developer Spark Unlimited listing a job for “a third-person action shooter on next generation consoles”, we’re prepping those geek glands for a good ol’ rupturing.

    Rainbow 6 Patriots

    We saw a gritty, wife-bagging glimpse of Rainbow 6 Patriots a while back, shortly before it went AWOL – losing a loved one will do that to you. Now it looks likely to have been pushed back, and when questioned about the possibility of it going next gen, Ubisoft president Yves Guillemot replied “there’s a good chance it can be.” That’s game dev for ‘yes’. He’s confirmed that the team are still working on it, but don’t expect to see anything on PS3 – given the development cycle is in full pedal, expect this one to coincide with the launch of PS4.

    Thief 4

    Eidos Montreal announced Thief 4 around a million years ago, but since then it’s sat resolutely in the shadows, flexing its fingerless-glove fingers. However, the CVG scrying pool has been in full effect, confirming rumours that the game is now being held back until next-gen. Moreover, a job listing at Eidos Montreal has been seen for a next gen game focussing on “player choice” and “stealth”. Very Thief-y. And given that this has been in development for over four years – okay, the million years was a mild exaggeration – a release in the launch window seems likely.

    Mafia 3

    The wheels of the crime-wagon are in motion for this one, with 2K Czech hiring for a ‘top secret, super interesting’ project that’s so secret that it’s definitely Mafia 3. Make your own minds up about the interesting bit. With regards to it being a launch title, sources suggest that the game will release in 2013. And if you’re expecting a PS4 any earlier than that, you’re already drowning in a half-full glass of your own optimism.

    Killzone 4

    Guerilla are currently wrestling with a couple of projects, and there’s a strong chance one of them is a Killzone game. It’s pretty much essential to have a solid FPS to accompany the launch of any new console, and with that leaked Killzone script still floating about internetland, it doesn’t seem like wild speculation to think that a fourth outing against the Helghast could accompany the launch of the PS4.


    Yeah, that’s what we’re calling it. Media Molecule undoubtedly has its fabric fingers in numerous pies, including an unannounced titles on the way that’s apparently a toy – no, really – and job adverts suggesting some diversion from their standard Sackboy fare. A recent position advertised for a community manager required candidates to have a knowledge and passion for MMOs, and the LBP universe is a perfect stitched fit for this kind of expansion; given the user-generated content and bubbling community atmosphere, it’s practically one already. It’s widely known that Media Molecule are working on next gen projects; what could better showcase PS4’s power than a groundbreaking first-party MMO?

    Untitled Tantalus Project

    Okay people, this is the big one. Forget your Killzones and Uncharteds: the MX vs ATV developer is working on a triple-A title for next gen machines. Could it be a sequel to Cars: Race-o-rama? Or maybe that difficult follow up to Spongebob Squarepants: The Yellow Avenger? The Tantalus jobs page mentions that they’re “about to start a new AAA Next-Gen title and is therefore looking to fill several contract positions.” Cliffy B is now free from the claws of Microsoft. Maybe he’s the man for a PS4 follow up to Funky Barn.

    Just Cause 3

    Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios have made zero effort to hide their interest in developing games for the next cycle of consoles. A job listing on Gamesutra lists a vehicle designer role and makes specific reference to the work Avalanche is doing on ‘next gen’ games. It’s all speculative stuff, but with a Just Cause movie on the way in 2014, it could all tie in perfectly to smash heroically through the PS4 release window.

    New Ready at Dawn IP

    We’d love to be able to tell you more about this one, but this is all we’ve found so far. Ready at Dawn are advertising for a stack of next dev jobs, specifically for a next action-adventure IP that will come to next generation consoles. The developer has previously hinted that they may be following Uncharted’s dusty trail, creating a story-driven, cinematic adventure that sounds pleasingly like Naughty Dog’s classic quip ‘em up.

    The Witcher 3/Cyberpunk 2077

    CD Projekt Red has previously shied away from developing for Sony’s machines, but a recent interview has confirmed that they’re creating two next gen titles that will be both be multiplatform. The first looks likely to be The Witcher 3, the second a futuristic new game named Cyberpunk 2077, based on an old pen-and-paper RPG. Specific reference is also made to their desire to get The Witcher onto PlayStation, but not during the current generation. Expect the full force of the PS4’s wonder engine to render some deeply realistic rogue-rutting and trangressive cyberpunk seduction.

    Modern Warfare 4

    Like it or not, Call of Duty is the biggest franchise in the world, and Activision love making stacks of money. We know from this resume that Infinity Ward are currently working on an unannounced multiplatform game that looks highly likely to be a COD, and that in addition to the standard formats, it’s being developed for PC DX11 and ‘TBA’. In our language, ‘TBA’ definitely means ‘PlayStation 4’. It’s not too much of a leap from their to suggest that the new Modern Warfare game could land within the launch window of PS4, riding high on the hype that only comes with the release of a major now console.

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