RGH Can't boot Stock Nand

Kitessencial Dec 2, 2019

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    Recently I got a used Xbox 360 E with a Corona 4GB board and I've been trying to RGH it. After flashing the ECC and installing the RGH chip (I'm using an X360 run 1.1 Red) I couldn't get it to boot to Xel. Tried connecting to my router and getting the IP with J-Runner, but it couldn't find an Xbox on my network. So I decided to flash back the stock nand and see if that would boot, but it didn't. If I remove the power from the x360 run chip it boots normally, but to my knowledge it should boot the stock just fine. The chip's LED stays on for about 8 seconds after turning the console on, then it goes off and doesn't turn on again. The fans spin slowly, and the ring LEDs in the front panel stay off, with just the center one on (It stays on even when the console is turned off, but plugged in, not sure if relevant). Any idea what could be going wrong? I checked continuity with all pins (except the CPU_POST since the line doesn't exist and I'm using a postfix adapter) and they all seemed fine.



    While in the process of soldering, I accidentally burnt r4p4 so made a jumper to get it to boot (I don't think that's the issue since I'm not getting a RROD when trying to boot and my console boots just fine without the x360 run)

    Because of the r4p4 jumper, I soldered the CPU_RST to c5r11 (checked continuity with my jumper and it seems fine)
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