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The Caesar Mar 11, 2019

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    Game: Resident Evil 2 Remake [PC – Xbox One - PS4]

    Genre: Survival Horror

    Developer: Capcom

    Release Date: 25 January, 2019


    Capcom hasn't really been doing things like the Company that gamers remember from back in the 90's, but with this remake, fans of the series can only praise the great work they've done.

    Gameplay – 9.5/10

    The original game had third-person “tank” controls, whereby you could only aim your weapon up and down, and rotate your character to move around like most games at the time, but today, it feels a little clunky. Well, thankfully they’ve fixed all of that.

    Since the fourth entry in the series, you move your character from an “over the shoulder” perspective, and shooting is very intuitive; you just draw your weapon, aim, and pull the trigger. But, of course, the undead enemies are not easy to kill, and some can take up to five bullets to the skull before falling down, and still they move.

    Exploring the Police Department, solving puzzles, mixing items, looking around for clues, and fighting the infected in the dark hallways of Raccoon City - the last “safe” place – will always have you on your toes, and since this isn't a modern shooter with lots of ammo lying around, it can be pretty scary when your knife breaks and you're defenseless against a zombie.

    Even if you played the original game a thousand times, this revamped experience is something an old school Biohazard fan will love, and while it may be a little difficult at first for a modern player, it's very hard to put down once you start trying to escape the horror.

    Graphics – 9.5/10

    The original Resident Evil 2 had 3D characters moving around over a 2D image, that had prerendered objects in it, to create an illusion of realism that couldn't truly be perfected back in 1998. Today, everything looks great, with high quality models, dynamic shadows, and reflections everywhere, and when you attack a zombie, you just have to acknowledge the great detail you can see when you start slashing or shooting it.

    Some places don't have the lights on, and when you take out your flashlight and look around, the way shadows are cast and how the water reflects objects in real time is just awesome. With all these features, it just blends to create the perfect atmosphere and eerie feeling for an unforgettably frightening title.


    Story – 8/10

    You know it… Umbrella, G-Virus, Outbreak, Rookie Cop, girl looking for her military brother, find a little girl and someone looking for a sample, a huge bulletproof dude wants to kill you... But, they’ve changed a few things and expanded the story which you can read in the files, and now you can start playing from before they reach the city.

    Replay Value – 9/10

    Remember back in the NES games, where in some games you had something called “Second Run”? Well, the original Resident Evil 2 had it, and so does this remake, along with 4th Survivor, different difficulty settings, and a new campaign with other survivors original to this remake. Yeah, tofu too.

    This game will last long enough, and so the price tag is totally worth it, and speed runners are already trying to make a new world record as I'm writing this. Also, PC Gamers are having way too much fun with the mods.

    Final Thoughts

    Go. Play. It. Now.

    Judgement – 9.5/10 "Capcom, it’s like you're back to your 90's self”!


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    Overall, the Game was very well made though i do wish that Headshots where a fixed amount of shots or had a very small hitbox for that 1 headshot kill. Looking forward to Resident Evil 3 Remake.

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