Preview Resident Evil 6 Siege Mode Revealed, Priced and Dated

Rocky Jan 25, 2013

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    Capcom has revealed that Resident Evil 6 is set to get another additional mode with the online multiplayer Siege Mode, which supports action for 2-6 players.

    Siege Mode has a lone AI rookie BSAA agent in trouble and in desperate need of help, while two teams battle it out to save or kill the agent. One team assumes control of playable characters from Resident Evil 6's campaign to protect the agent, while the other team plays as enemy creatures hell-bent on taking the vulnerable rookie down.

    Each Siege match consists of two rounds wherein teams alternate between human and enemy creature roles, defending and striving to kill the rookie respectively.

    Siege Mode will be coming to Xbox 360 in March for 320 Microsoft Points. Watch the gameplay trailer to see it in action, and check out the screens below.

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    Source - X360A

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