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IGetHigh Aug 16, 2014

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    Big thanks to D3FEKT for the original modz:http://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/release-project-underground-3.991137/

    My YouTube


    There are 3 Differnt DB Files i Made:

    List of MoDz
    Grip=5.0 on all tires
    Grip+Power=5.0 on all tires+All cars have Exhaust mod gives cars 1000hp-5000hp
    Power=Exhaust mod gives cars 1000hp-5000hp
    Even Stock Manufacturers Cars are modded so you can **** with ppl/note class we change as soon as game ends so back out before Game Ends ;)
    Large backfire
    Blue NOS Backfire
    Backfire Timer Removed
    Pop up headlights=buy the roll cage

    For Wheelies:Must Use Just Power DB
    To allow any of the cars bellow to do wheelie, buy rollcage, max parts, tune setup\\
    :Don't buy drag tires otherwise the car can't wheelstand:
    Toyota Top secret supra
    Dodge Charger r/t

    Launch wheelies:do last engine conversion on all these cars to allow enough power)
    Ford Mustang Cobra "00
    Shelby Gt-500KR
    AMC Javelin AMX
    Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
    Buik Regal GNX
    Pontiac GTO judge
    Ford Mustang Mach 1
    Chevrolet Camaro SS coupe
    Chevrolet El Camino SS
    Mercury Cougar Eliminator
    Oldsmobile Hurst/Olds
    Horizon pre-order challenger
    honda s2000

    Engine Swaps:
    Volvo 242 turbo evolution >>> Corvette ls1
    Volkswagen Rabbit GTI >>> Mines r34
    Toyota Yaris >>> Top secret supra
    KIA Ceed >>>Mines r34
    Mazda RX8 >>> Mazda rx7 spirit r
    Nissan Datsun 510 >>> Buggati veyron
    Audi S4 "00 >>> Buggati veyron
    Ford Mustang Cobra "00 >>> Buggati veyron
    Shelby Gt-500KR >>> Buggati veyron
    AMC Javelin AMX >>> Buggati veyron
    Chevrolet Corvette Stingray >>> Buggati veyron
    Buik Regal GNX >>> Buggati veyron
    Pontiac GTO judge >>> Buggati veyron
    Ford Mustang Mach 1 >>> Buggati veyron
    Chevrolet Camaro SS coupe >>> Buggati veyron
    Chevrolet El Camino SS >>> Buggati veyron
    Mercury Cougar Eliminator >>> Buggati veyron
    Oldsmobile Hurst/Olds >>> Buggati veyron
    EVERY NISSAN >>> Modded Skyline R33 GTR Motor

    Super Power Cars:
    Honda S2000
    R33 GTR
    Shelby GT-500KR
    BMW X5m
    Lancer evo IX
    lexus LFA
    Ultimate Aero
    Lotus 2-Eleven
    Pagani Zonda R
    Hummer H1 Alpha
    F40 Competizione
    Ford GT40
    Dodge Charger '69 R/T
    Chevy Volt
    Honda fitsport
    Audi R8 '08
    BMW M6 coupe
    R32 GTR

    (MoDz By D3FEKT)=
    Every DLC rim purchasable
    Pop up headlights
    Many cars with spacers
    All 503 on-disc cars removable body parts
    Fast car cheat system protection
    wheelie cars
    White Te37 rim's
    p45r rim can give a semi stretch look
    No bonnet's
    Backfire Color's
    Fast cars
    Many cars with wide rear tires
    track temp is x1000
    drivable Homespace
    All unicorns buyable
    all cars 1 CR
    No damage in any race
    Ridiculous fast drag cars
    Drift XP scale is 1.08x
    Engine swaps
    Drag slicks realistic, no more x999
    Much more Smoke
    Colored smoke
    Backfire timer removed (For way more backfires)
    Sparks instead of smoke
    All badges and titles unlocked
    CR from Races x9
    Track Spawning (infineon long - burnout area)
    All Cars slammed
    All Cars rewarded from races sell for 999999999
    All parts free
    Camber 20 degree's both ways
    Toe 20 degree's both ways
    Final Drive min 0.01 / max 20.1
    Gear Ratio's min 0.01 / max 20.1
    All engines weigh 1kg
    Fast driver level up
    Fast Affinity level up
    Longer Lasting Smoke
    Pit Zones speed limit increased
    high poly + AAx4 graphics
    Alot more CR from leveling
    More CR from event bonus
    Caster max 20
    Good tracksetting for photos
    All manufacturer rim's purchasable
    Drivers in each event increased to 15
    Event's restriction is X999 (any class can race)
    Turbo and super charger's are much louder
    Horizon pre-order challenger unlocked
    Wheel angle mod (on typical drift cars)
    DLC rim's cost 1 cr
    No driver in photomode
    Photomode camera modded
    Model edits (Require JTAG)
    Texture edits (Not in v3, may update with support)

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    very nice cant wait to use it
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    does this freeze at all when you try to play it? I used D3FEKT iso mod and my game keeps freezing when i try to go online and when trying to use the nissian gtr r34. is the exhaust the only part thats modded or does it have the originals from D3FEKT? thanks

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