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D3FEKT Dec 28, 2013

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    This download is Forza 4 - Project Underground 3 mods. This download has so many mods its insane!
    Project Underground founder D3FEKT has released these mods for you all to enjoy. You need a modified Xbox 360 console to use these mods.

    About Forza 4:

    Forza Motorsport 4 is a racing video game, and the fourth in the Forza Motorsport series. Like Sony's Gran Turismo franchise, Forza games are racing simulations; heavy emphasis is placed on making the cars drive and look as realistic as possible. Races are conducted on closed circuit tracks. 500 cars are featured in the core game experience, ranging from road cars to race cars.

    Project Underground 3 Mod Features:

    Every DLC rim purchasable

    Pop up headlights

    Many cars with spacers


    All 503 on-disc cars removable body parts

    time of day


    Horizon driver (hands ****** up)

    Fast car cheat system protection

    wheelie cars

    White Te37 rim's

    p45r rim can give a semi stretch look

    No bonnet's


    Backfire Color's

    Fast cars

    Many cars with wide rear tires

    track temp is x1000

    drivable Homespace

    All unicorns buyable

    all cars 1 CR

    No damage in any race

    Ridiculous fast drag cars

    Drift XP scale is 1.08x

    Engine swaps

    Drag slicks realistic, no more x999

    Much more Smoke

    Colored smoke

    Backfire timer removed (For way more backfires)

    Sparks instead of smoke

    All badges and titles unlocked

    CR from Races x9

    Track Spawning (infineon long - burnout area)

    All Cars slammed

    All Cars rewarded from races sell for 999999999

    All parts free

    Camber 20 degree's both ways

    Toe 20 degree's both ways

    Final Drive min 0.01 / max 20.1

    Gear Ratio's min 0.01 / max 20.1

    All engines weigh 1kg

    Fast driver level up

    Fast Affinity level up

    Longer Lasting Smoke

    Pit Zones speed limit increased

    high poly + AAx4 graphics

    Alot more CR from leveling

    More CR from event bonus

    Caster max 20

    Good tracksetting for photos

    All manufacturer rim's purchasable

    Drivers in each event increased to 15

    Event's restriction is X999 (any class can race)

    Turbo and super charger's are much louder

    Horizon pre-order challenger unlocked

    Wheel angle mod (on typical drift cars)

    DLC rim's cost 1 cr

    Large backfire

    No driver in photomode

    Photomode camera modded

    Model edits (Require JTAG)

    Texture edits (Not in v3, may update with support)

    As you can see theres an astounding amount of mods included in this download , how you use them is upto you , now for the credits:



    Thanks to,

    Chr0m3 X MoDz - Helping with project originally

    Txr Frosty


    Release Notes:

    If you get banned, don't blame me. I didn't say go online with these.

    -Make sure to read the readme file.

    This may be the final release, but incase its not please bookmark and check back for future updates.

    Video Preview:


    Free download

    Click here to view the article
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    wow awsome!! thanks for modding

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