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    Hello XPG!
    Some of you may know me whilst others don't well I am starting my own Game Studios and looking for experienced individuals to join the team. We will be using the UDK to make games and will of course be making them to sell (may do some free ones but the goal is to make games for money.) I did some serious thinking and decided I am going to be needing a team to accomplish this as I can't really do this on my own as it is time consuming work and I am not skilled at everything so I am looking for those who have the same dream I had when I was a kid and that is simply: Making my own games!
    Honestly I am looking for people that are willing to put in the time and effort needed and are wanting to make games.

    What I am looking for:

    1. Graphic Designers

    2. Script Writers

    3. Programmers

    What is Needed for GFX Designers:
    1. You will need to be able to make custom 3D Models, Textures etc.

    2. Need to show proof of skills in a pm or over skype/aim

    What is Needed for Script Writers:

    1. Need to be fluent in English and you have to be creative as you will be making the stories of the games.

    2. You need to show that you are qualified for the position (Example: Send me a novel or Story you have written or something.)

    What GFX Designers will be doing:
    1. You will be designing all of the 3D Models for the games and all the landscape, textures etc.

    2. You will be working with the Script Writers to get the information you need so you know what the landscape, textures, 3D Models etc. will have to look like.

    What Script Writers will be doing:
    1. You will be brainstorming/writing the stories of the games, coming up with dialog for characters, quests etc.

    2. You will be working with the GFX Team and telling them everything they need to know so they can do their job and design everything the way it needs to be Designed.

    I am basically looking for someone who has skill and can prove it, preferably someone who has used either Unity 3D or UDK before. I would want to be shown proof of skill and there is one position open for programmers.

    Programmers will be taking everything the other teams do and actually make the game.

    Later on I may be asking for game testers but for now those are all the positions I am looking for.

    I am also wanting to do Multi-Platform but starting on PC first and porting to other platforms afterwards. You will be needing a pretty powerful pc as UDK and 3ds Max require a lot of power to run. Check the specs for those programs and if you meet the requirements then hit me up with a PM. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope to be making good games with those that join the team.

    Note: Thanks to t3fury for telling me where to post xD as I had no clue.

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