record of agarest war (someday all this will be yours & conqueror planes save)[Xbox 360 gamesave]

cloelea Mar 15, 2014

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    File Name: record of agarest war (someday all this will be yours & conqueror planes save)
    File Submitter: cloeleaFile Submitted: 07 Mar 2014
    File Category: Xbox360 Game Saves

    it's all official & these saves will give you the achievement after you beat chaos dyshanna & level 999 chaos in the easiest possible way as i share it here

    save 12

    when the battle starts with chaos dyshana here, press the back button for all 6 six characters to auto position themselves 1st so they're all linked up together to chain combo right away, when their positioned, press the back button again to remove the auto so you have the opportunity to manually select your attacks on all 6 characters. now from there select all those 1 ap attacks with the japanese symbols on all characters to chain combo chaos dyshana & she'll die in 1 hit. since there's 2 more gurgs to kill also, use those 1 ap attacks on them as you'll still have enough to finish them off. after the battle you'll finally unlock the achievement for someday all this will be yours.

    save 13

    heres chaos level 999, repeat the same phase you did with dyshana, & after he dies you unlock conqueror planes. you don't have to kill the other 2 enemies for the achievement so focus on him only.

    there you have it, i really did enjoy this game and it was worth the days and hrs. hope these saves were helpful in the end, take care

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