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Recent Xbox One Update See's Speed Increases

Bullet May 19, 2014

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    The May Xbox One update has rolled out and and is available to download if you haven't done already!
    This update has much positive feedback and many users are reporting speed increases. The May update had plenty of new features including the ability to download updates manually. There is now an option in the system settings that provided there is an update available will allow you to click and download, however the 'Get System Update' button will remain greyed out if there is no update to download.

    There was also two new options related to the Xbox One's audio which were a Sound mixer which allows users to control the volume levels of two apps when using Snap and the ability to control the volume levels whilst using Kinect for chat.

    One thing that is really noticeable in the latest update is the increase in speed to the snap feature and also the opening and closing of notifications also feels less clumsy and a lot faster and smoother. The whole user interface is coming together very well now , feeling altogether faster from when it was first released.

    For those of you with strong accents and a disobedient Kinect you will be pleased to hear that there is now an option to help improve speech recognition by opting-in to speech data collection. This will be be particularly usefull for those of us that do not have an American accent as that what the Kinect seems to work with.

    The feature I would personally most like to see would be external support as all these 2GB updates are really encroaching on my 500GB Hdd space !

    Have you noticed any significant changes in the latest update, and what would you like to see changed the most in future updates?

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