PSN planned network maintenance today from 3.30pm to 9pm

Rocky Mar 10, 2014

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    Sony has posted a statement up on the US Blog about planned PSN network maintenance planned for today at 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM Pacific Time which I make 3.30pm to 9pm.

    Here’s the full statement. Note it’s ‘expected’ to last 5.5 hours so it could be longer or shorter. Oh the fun we’ll have finding out.

    We wanted to take a moment to inform you of a planned network maintenance, currently scheduled for Monday, March 10th from 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM Pacific Time (11:30 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time). We expect this maintenance to last approximately 5.5 hours.

    If you’ve signed in to the network any time since March 6th you will be able to play games online and access partner apps such as Netflix during this maintenance period. The PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home and Account Management will not be available during this time, and users may receive a maintenance notification when attempting to access these services.

    We thank you for your patience and support and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. In order to access online game play and partner apps during this routine maintenance, we ask that you please sign in to the network prior to Monday, March 10th.


    Source - OPM

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