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Bullet Jan 5, 2016

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    Yesterday the whole of the Playstation suffered a complete outage, resulting in over 10 hours of downtime. No official explanation has been offered up for the downtime, although there is a lot of speculation that hackers were involved, this has yet to be either confirmed or denied by Sony.
    The only acknowledgment from Sony that PSN was down for almost a day was a Tweet earlier today, thanking their customers for their patience (like they had a choice huh) and hinting of compensation in the form of PS Plus, PS Now, and video rental extensions:

    It is expected that Sony will post an explanation of the downtime at some point today, followed by details of the compensation that they are offering for the inconvenience.
    A lot of Sony customers are rightly annoyed and there are already complaints that the compensation is not enough, it seems most would be happier with a AAA game title!
    What are your thoughts on the PSN outage yesterday, do you think that it was the work of hackers or something less sinister?
    How about the compensation offer, does it seem fair to you, or would you like many others, like more?
    Let us know your thoughts in the comments below...
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    I knew guy who did the last man-in-the middle attack on them, but this sounds like a group of hackers did this.

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