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Elysia675 Jun 15, 2017

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    Hello everyone, I am willing to trade the following for any modded items you might have,

    Professional Russian's Fast Sword 154,099.3 Dmg, +540 damage, +3469-4313 Damage, +1835-2259 Fire Damage, +1602-1953 Lightning Damage, +1769-2143 Poison Damage, +1596-2008 Arcane Damage, +1778-2141 Holy Damage, +119% Attack Speed, +8000 experience per Monster Kill

    Professional Russian's Fast Wand 11k damage, +88% attack speed, +1016-1269 Arcane Damage

    Professional Russian's Fast Crossbow Pistol 8000 experience per Monster Kill, 6.5k damage, +106 attack speed, +540 Damage

    Stone of Jordan

    Balanced Test Ring 516 of Death


    Tier 10 Gems

    Kanai Cube Materials Arreat War, Caldeum Nightshade, Corrupted Angel Flesh, Forgotten Soul, Khanduran Rune, Westmarch Holy Water, Death's Breath, Arcane Dust, Veiled Crystal, Reusable Parts

    Ramaladni's Gift

    EDIT: The weapons now only give +8000 exp per kill as per the new patch nerf on modded items, they still one hit everything and the rings still make you invincible.

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