PS4 Video Player: Stream Videos To PS4 On Mac Or Linux

ADDZ Feb 19, 2014

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    PS4 Video Player: Stream Videos To PS4 On Mac Or Linux

    DLNA a video streaming is a much-requested feature for PS4, but with this video player workaround, you may not have to wait to get it. Coming to us straight from a development group called DVSoftware, this OS X and Linux-based application allows you to create a media sever that launches from within the PS4's web browser. Supposedly all popular file formats and subtitles are supported, but this project is still very much in development to provide installable versions for other operating systems and to improve the experience. See more details and grab the source code below! For those that don't have a Mac or Linux, you might want to try BiteYourPlayer which currently supports Windows and .mp4 files.


    I just released a PS4 Video Player that can stream videos from your computer over the network. It's still in development phase, but already supports all major formats and subtitles. Best of all, it's opensource!

    PS4Player - READ ME

    Video Streamer for Sony PlayStation 4
    All of this is possible thanks to HTML5 Video support in PlayStation 4 web browser. Keep in mind that it requires a powerful CPU that can encode H264 videos in realtime.

    How to use

    • Install node.js from node.js
    • Clone/Download this repository
    • Open Terminal App, and enter the folder where You cloned/extracted the files
    • Install required applications and libraries using homebrew (Homebrew)
      brew install ffmpeg --enable-libx264 --enable-libfaac --enable-libass
    • brew install icu4c
    • ln -s /usr/local/Cellar/icu4c/*/bin/icu-config /usr/local/bin/icu-config
    • ln -s /usr/local/Cellar/icu4c/*/include/unicode /usr/local/include

    [*]Run npm install to install node.js dependencies
    [*]Run node server.js to start the application
    [*]Go to http://[ip of your computer]:8080/ using PlayStation 4 web browser
    [*]Grab some popcorn and enjoy

    • Will be updated later but should be similar to OSX

    • I don't use Windows, patches are welcome

    Download: CLICK HERE

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