PS4 Software Update 1.71 Adds 16 People Party Chat

Bullet Jun 3, 2014

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    The PS4 update 1.71 is now available for download and weighs in at 194mb and the patch notes were simple:

    "System software stability during use of some features has been improved."

    As well as bug fixes for stability issues SHAREfactory was added which is a video editing suite for the inbuilt game DVR as well as an option to turn off HDCP which allows video capture over HDMI.
    There was also some changes for the Dualshock 4 inlcuding the ability to change the brightness level of the lightbar as well as a fix for the vibration issue which turned off the controllers vibrate function every time the console was turned off, this has now been resolved so you can now feel a buzz everytime you play!

    There were some other issues that have been fixed such as uploading gamesaves to the cloud, the PS4 will upload gamesaves without requiring the you to manually overwrite previous saves. Also the part chat limit has been raised from 8 to 16 players now, which is great news!

    Not the biggest update the PS4 has ever had, but there are some welcome additions. Check out some of the additions and changes below in more detail:


    Stability has been improved during the use of some system software features.


    A rich video editor called ''SHAREfactory'' is now available
    Support for streaming in 720p
    Previous streams are now archived
    Notifications of new viewers and comments are displayed when streaming in full-screen mode
    Ability to share video clips and screenshots while streaming
    Export captured videos and screenshots to USB storage
    Videos and photos can now be shared with specific Facebook audiences on an individual basis (previously a system-wide option set the same audience for all uploads)
    Option to share multiple screenshots to Facebook in a single post
    Music Unlimited now has 'Share' capabilities


    HDCP can be turned off, allowing video capture over HDMI
    The DualShock 4 light bar can be set to three brightness levels: bright, medium or dim
    Full functionality for PlayStation Vita TV remote play with PS4 systems added (Japan only)
    PlayStation Plus icon displayed for members
    Option to sort Trophies by rarity
    Additional voice commands
    Deep color output option within video output settings
    New notification type: "From PlayStation"
    The login screen no longer appears when a controller is disconnected and reconnected
    Option to send crash reports automatically
    Option to attached a video clip to crash reports
    Option to force 5.1 audio output over HDMI, even if the system detects 7.1 channel support
    Timestamps are now displayed in the "Whats New" section
    'Capture Library' has been added to the home menu (a shortcut to view captured videos and screenshots)
    While watching Blu-ray movies, it is now possible to go back to the PS4 main menu without closing the player entirely
    Adjust microphone level settings within Audio Device Settings.

    PlayStation Store

    Games pre-ordered on PlayStation Store can now be pre-downloaded allowing immediate access on release date
    Alternative payment options for PS4 content are now available


    New Friends options, making it easier to find friends, friends of friends, mutual friends, and accept friend requests quicker

    Let us know what you think of the update when you receive it!

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    Got it this morning and there isn't anything too noticeable here this time but if it's making a few things more stable then all good
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    did your ps4 get slightly unstable when after u installed it mine did it stopped soon after thought
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    Last update it needed to try again but this one was fine mate

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