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PS4 Share Play restricted to 60-minute sessions.

XPG Darkside Aug 14, 2014

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    Share Play enables a PlayStation Plus subscriber to share a game with a friend, allowing that friend to take control of the game remotely and play - without having to own the title themselves.

    But the feature will not be limitless. Sony has confirmed to Gamespot that sessions will be restricted to 60-minute sessions. There are no limit to how many Share Play sessions you host,

    Sony told the site. But it's unclear if this means that players will simply be able to host multiple Share Play sessions in a row.

    In a chat with GameBlog, PlayStation Europe boss Jim Ryan was reluctant to divulge the full details. "In principle it is 60 minutes, that's all I can say for now," he said.

    Ryan also clarified that players who take control of a game remotely will be able to play both the single and multi player modes in that game - even without PS Plus membership - but they will not be able to play multiplayer with the person they are sharing from without a PS Plus membership.

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