PS4 Reportedly Getting Pre-Load Functionality in April

XPG Darkside Mar 20, 2014

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    PlayStation 4 gamers may soon be able to pre-load titles onto their console before the game is released, so they can play it the second launch day rolls around.

    According to Infamous: Second Son developer Sucker Punch on Twitter, the functionality is due to arrive in North America from April.

    No word has been given about whether other territories will see it, but presumably that'll be soon.


    Though we've yet to get any official word about this from Sony, we do know a big patch is on the way next month that's set to include video editing, a HDCP off option and an upgrade in Twitch broadcasting quality.

    The telling part of yesterday's update announcement was the final sentence, which promised, "there’s a lot more coming in this update as well," so it's very possible that pre-loading is going to be one of these currently unannounced features.

    In case you missed it earlier this week, the company announced it's working on its own 3D Virtual Reality headset to rival the upcoming Oculus Rift.

    Seeing as sales figures for the console are currently sitting at comfortably over 6 million, there's definitely a market for the new device.

    Source IGN.

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