PS4 Friend Online Notification Feature Spotted

Bullet Dec 11, 2014

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    Sony released a video today showing off an upcoming update which will feature party chat on the Playstation 4, a feature which gamers on Xbox 360 will instantly recognize.

    "Hook up with friends to play together - or just to chat, no matter what games you're all playing - by setting up a Party on you PS4. This is for the players." ~ Sony Playstation.

    There also appears to be another, unannounced in the video that advertises party chat. If you watch the video below, you will notice at around 10 seconds in that you will see a notification on the top right hand side of the screen which reads " Christian Jones has logged in."

    Could this mean that PS4 owners will finally get the much requested friends online notification feature, because it would certainly appear so.
    Check out the video below and keep your eyes peeled for the notification pop up, oh and check out the party update.

    Sony has yet to officially announce any such feature, we will update you as soon as they do. What do you think of the party chat feature? What feature would you most like to see on the PS4? Let us know in the comments below.
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