PS4 firmware update 2.5 will be released tomorrow.

XPG Darkside Mar 25, 2015

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    PS4 firmware update 2.5 will be released tomorrow, Thursday 26th March.

    It introduces the Suspend/Resume feature that allows you to suspend a game by putting your console into Rest Mode, and then quickly resume later by hitting the pad's PlayStation button.

    Creating a Party has been streamlined with a reduction in the number of steps required. There aren't specific details on what's been consolidated.

    You'll now be able to back-up your PS4 to an external hard-drive and restore from there too.

    You will be able to search for Facebook friends with your linked account and send Real Name requests in the same step. A Friends Who Play This option will be added to game detail pages.

    Screenshots will automatically be taken when you earn Trophies, and you can now share videos on Dailymotion.

    New custom controller button assignments, zoom functionality and inverted colours "will be available for all system functions, apps and games". All games? That's what it says in the press release.

    The option to automatically install all system software updates is being added, and Remote Play and Share Play devices will support 60 frames per second streams. A Vita firmware app update coincides with this.

    Vita and PlayStation App are also getting improved accessibility options.
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