[PS4]Anyone wanna trade FCC-gifts for FUT-coins

dan89 Jan 23, 2014

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    Jan 23, 2014
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    I want to boost my virtual pro and Im level 55 myself and there are about 10 VP-gifts after that I need. It helps if you are at least level 86 because then you can send all the 10 gifts to me.
    I am willing to trade 50K coins in ultimate team and thats a good deal for ya, all the gifts is around 10K catalouge coins.
    I invested all my coins in fitness cards during TOTY but they sell easily. 1 card is about ~1K now so I will give you 50 fitness cards. You can probably sell them for at least 1300/each(probably more) wich is about 65K at least.

    (PM) me your gamertag if interested. Keep in mind that this kind of deal is not allowed by EA, so DO NOT post your gamertag in this thread send it in PM and I will add you.

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