PS4 AC1D Flash Tool by developer cfwprpht

ADDZ Apr 23, 2014

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    PS4 AC1D Flash Tool by developer cfwprpht

    A new PlayStation 4 tool has been released for exploring and dumping of the PS4 NOR Flash (Macronix). This tools is called PS4 AC1D Flash Tool by developer cfwprpht, who is also known in the PS3 community for his various contributions. This tool while not useful for the end-user's is one step in that long walk that helps developers learn more about the secured console. View all the details from all the released info from the developer.


    What it is?

    This is a Tool to handle the PS4 Macronix NOR Flash. It can Read/Write the Chip with use of Teensy++ 2.0
    USB Dev Board. But there for the Tool is more only a GUI cause it use @judges script for the
    Read/Write part.

    Then the Tool can validate a PS4 NOR Dump and Display the infos of your Console in the GUI. If you want
    you can also store your console infos in a database text file.

    It comes with the Python 2.7 and Python Serial Installer and will check if you have both installed or not.
    But at least it hase a own extracter and can extract a PS4 NOR Dump file as well a SLB2 Container.
    The validator Routine isn't perfect right now and even give me on my own dump on 3 of 33 Arrays to check
    a false negative. This is mostly to do that there need to be done more investigation on Console specific
    Marks and such they are present on all Consoles.

    But right now there isn't much use for the end user so i still have time to correct that. In case of your
    a Dev and want to write a Dump to your consoles flash that do not validate, then just create a empty txt
    file with the name "developer.conf". This will enable the Tool to activate all blocked buttons.

    Used Lib's:

    • ConsoleControle.dll - is a librarie from Dave Kerr
    • ProcessInterface.dll - is a librarie from Dave Kerr
    • - is a script from Judges
    • Log.dll - is a librarie from me (cfwprophet)
    • Tools.dll - is a librarie from me (cfwprophet)
    • nor4ps.dll - is a librarie from me (cfwprophet)
    • SLB2.dll - is a librarie from me (cfwprophet)
    So you may ask for what the SPIway.bat will be ?

    It's simpli. VisualStudio can't handle the python script. For that a python integration to Visual Studio
    will be needed. There are allready projects for that but in a beta phase. So we use the .batch to kind
    of spoof the python script. In case VS understand and can handle .bat's we just do the same within the .bat
    what we otherwise would do with the python script in VS. We do a "Call" and execute the python script
    with the needed arguments.

    What to do?

    • Adjust the validator Routine for the PS4 NOR flash.
    • Include a Flash Patcher Routine.
    • (Or) Activate diff Write. (which is allready included into judges script).
    • Finish the vdump function which will verify the dumped data against the data on Chip.
    • Modifie ConsoleControle to match even more needs. (Like a way to check and wait for the current process to be done without the affect that your whole code stops and will cause a crash of your app).
    Credits and Greets:

    • Judges for his script (many thx)
    • Dave Kerr for his Console Controle Class librarie
    • eussNL for his affinity about the DevWiki (woop woop)
    • flatz for his PS4 script
    • grafchockolo for all his amazing work on the PS3 (i will always credit you in any scene releaded stuff thank you for everything you have done. We would need more guys like you in the Sony Playstation Hacking Scene)
    • KDSBest for beeing a Mentor and a god frind to me
    • GotNoUsername you know why and that's enough
    • All Devwiki Contributors !! (information have to be free to every one)
    • Pockets69, Sandungas, Helsing9, GregoryRasputin, t000, Ada, _NiceShot,,, and everyone else i forgot....(wink, wink)




    Download: CLICK ME

    Source: DashHacks
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