PS Now vs EA Access: Is PS Now better?

reloadmydeagle Aug 9, 2014

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    With the recent launch of EA Access after Microsoft teamed up with Electronic Arts, there has been a lot of hype. From what we've seen so far, PS Now seems to be better in my opinion. Many gamers' speculation has risen since the prices for PS Now have sufaced, in which case many believe that the prices are absurd. However, I completely disagree. In case you haven't heard, PS Now charges $7 for 4 hours of gameplay, which seems fair to me if it was a single player game you were streaming. EA Access offers a $30 yearly subscription, which sounds great, right? Wrong. $30 a year is way to cheap to be true considering EA Access gives people access to major hits such as Battlefield 4, so it gives me the feeling that after they lure in enough customers they will slap everyone in the face with new prices. PS Now may seem like it has high prices, but in reality, it's prices are more normal while EA Access is just too cheap to be true. What do you guys think? Will EA Access come with some huge con soon, or will it really continue to offer such cheap game streaming?

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