Project Morpheus Devs Advancing Into a Higher Gear

Nasyr Dec 17, 2014

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    IGN recently had an interview with the PlayStation President, Shuhei Yoshida. They talked about many things relating to new games to come for the PS4 along with different kinds of projects and plans to come. They had promised the gaming scene an element so sufficient that it will blow everyones minds. This particular project he talked briefly about was Project Morpheus. This dealt with the capabilities of the system and what it can accomplish newly from the previously release beta version they had sent out. Maybe a release date to come, he says?


    The main fixes and great advancements that are to come or be fixed with the technology include as... The goggle-like technology creates a world all around you. So when you turn it turns with you. You may start looking around so in game it starts looking around. This will all you to feel as if your acutally a part of the game, seeing things you never did before. In this case.. They plan to deliver a cost-worthy item that will provide a new world for the gamers who truly get into storyline games. Also I would assume this hints at 3D games?
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