Project CARS Screenshots Show the Power of PS4

Rocky May 1, 2014

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    Developer Slightly Mad has released a new batch of screenshots from the upcoming PlayStation 4 racer Project CARS and it's looking hot.

    In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Slight Mad's creative director Andy Tudor elaborated on the how Project CARS came to be and what the studio's early goals for the game were.

    "We wanted the core driving experience to be the most authentic on the planet, and we wanted to provide you with all the features you need to recreate a race weekend as it happens in real life — complete with a dynamic time of day and a weather system that not only looks beautiful but challenges your skills and provides strategic opportunities," explained Tudor.

    "We wanted to connect players together with a variety of online and community features — time trials, events, competitive multiplayer, content sharing, stat comparisons, and more."

    Tudor added, "As you may have seen, we’re very excited that Project CARS is going to be launching in November, and as you’ll see from these screenshots here it looks fantastic on PS4. It’s definitely something you’ll want to show off to your friends when they visit."

    There's more on Project CARS, and the lengths Slightly Mad has gone to in order to achieve as much authenticity as possible, on the PS Blog.





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