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jbuzzy12 Feb 21, 2014

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    Hi people, posted this in another topic but received no answer sorry for making another post. For my 360 I had to use the audio adapter cable, not sure it was cause my xbox was a really old one or my TV doesnt have audio out most likely think it was so i could play in HD but anyways, I recently purchased a cable that allowed me to plug my turtles into the bottom of my xbox one controller, (basically the original microphone that comes with the xbox but modified), however i was not receiving any sound from my turtles. The guy i purchased it off said they were working fine when he tried it. Does anyone know if the new cable coming out will solve my problem? or is it my television not having audio out causing the problem?
    The lead I had in order for my turtle beach's to work on my xbox 360 was called a "RCA Audio Cable Adapter" purchased from amazon.
    If someone could help i would be grateful.
    I have turtle beach's X12's by the way.
    Thanks for your time & if you could help I would be extremely grateful!

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