Playstation Now Beta Invites Being Sent By Sony

Bullet Jan 29, 2014

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    Its only been a short while since the unveiling of Sony's innovative Playstation Now but already Beta invites are being sent out to some lucky gamers.

    If you signed up for Playstation Now newsletter, then its very possible you may have been invited to beta test Sony's cloud gaming service, if you haven't already signed up then go do it now!

    In order to take part in the beta you must have a PS3 connected to an internet connection over 5mbps or higher, right now the beta testing is only available on the PS3, there is no confirmation of when beta testing will happen on the PS4.


    Remember go sign up for that newsletter, you never know your luck, oh and if you are lucky enough to get into the private beta, remember not to share any videos or pictures as per the non disclosure agreement!
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