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PlayStation: A TV Comes To The Public

Nasyr Aug 28, 2014

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    PlayStation is having another upcoming and it seems to be quite an interesting one, a TV. This TV offers a lot of features and abilities with another user. You can play a range of old to new games on this "TV" which seems unusual. So is this a last ditches attempt to get PlayStation more money or are they innovating a new idea that could change users views on them?​
    Well, this little TV is to be used and or can be used as a streaming and gaming device. Now they have said that this system isn't intentionally for gamers, but more so supplies a second screen for them. PlayStation seems to be the only leading brand that is to come out with a TV that connects to consoles and or gaming systems. Is Microsoft to follow behind them or will them simply think of this TV as just "another idea?" ​
    Many gamers and quality lovers have shared there thoughts and feedback through posts to the PlayStation HQ. Most stated saying they were not excited for this TV blast as there quality of the TV seemed too low. PlayStation has not ignored this response and a matter a fact, they even replied with a bigger boom. They entailed that the TV they saw was only a beta, a beginning to an end, but not the end to a new beginning. ​
    PlayStation TV comes out for obviously PlayStation only users on December 30th, 2014. When you buy this TV is comes with 3 free games and specials deals/unlocks in the free games. How will Microsoft react and what will the world think about this new "TV?" PlayStation hasn't given up on there tenacity of getting the most features put into this all in one system. ​

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