PlayStation 4 voice commands limited for launch

NaCLy AF Nov 12, 2013

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    PlayStation 4 voice commands via the PlayStation Camera will be limited at launch, Sony confirmed to Engadget during the company's review event this week in New York City.

    First, users will not be able to "wake up" the PS4 while in standby voice through voice commands, nor can they pause videos. What's more, no third-party PS4 apps will support voice commands.

    A Sony representative said the company is hopeful that more apps will feature voice integration in the future. Increased functionality overall for voice commands is expected down the road, the representative said.

    Players will, however, be able to turn off the PS4 and launch games using voice commands. In addition, the PlayStation Camera can be used to take screenshots. At launch in North America on Friday, six languages will be supported for voice commands: English (US and UK), Spanish (European), Italian, French (European), German, Japanese. More will follow as part of future system software updates

    Engadget notes that few voice commands were demonstrated during presentations this week, and no gesture commands were shown whatsoever.

    The PlayStation Camera for PS4--sold separately for $60--also supports facial recognition, allowing players to sign into their profiles using their face.

    Microsoft is taking a decidedly different approach with its Xbox One, which launches on November 22. Every $500 system is bundled with Kinect, which can be used for an array of functions, including booting the system up, shutting it down, and controlling numerous applications, among other things.

    Source: GameSpot

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