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Bullet Nov 19, 2014

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    If you are one of the few gamers that hasn't purchased Destiny yet, today is your lucky day because you can now download the game and play it for FREE for a limited time on any platform.

    Bungie are offering a limited timed trial which will allow gamers to download the game on any next gen or last gen console. The trial allows players to create a Guardian and get involved in story mission content, along with cooperative and social activities.

    Players will be able to pick up exactly where they left off should they decide to purchase the game. Upgrading will be seamless on current-gen platforms, the Destiny trial can instantaneously upgraded to the full game via the console’s digital storefront with no need for any further download. Those playing on last-gen consoles, however, will need to purchase a copy of Destiny digitally or through retail, independent of the demo.

    To participate in the trial you must make sure you have enough space on your internal HDD, the demo will now run from an external HDD or flash drive:

    PlayStation 4 requires 20 GB of disk space
    Xbox One requires 20 GB of disk space
    PlayStation 3 requires 6 GB of disk space
    Xbox 360 requires 6 GB of disk space

    Game progression during the trial will carry over to the full game should you decide to upgrade as long as you stay with the same console family, so Xbox 360 will carry to Xbox One and PS3 to PS4.

    To download and access the Destiny trial or demo, check out the digital storefront of your console of choice. For more information, including disk space requirements and supported consoles, check out the FAQ on
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