PlanetSide 2: First Person Shooter PS4

Nasyr Nov 29, 2014

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    PlanetSide 2 is an epic multiplayer battled, first person shooter. Within the mists of this game are different soldiers fighting for one person, and that is power, control, and to say they kicked some ***. Although the game is very battle filled, there is also emotion added through out. As weird as that may sounds, there really is. From your favorite character dying, to your fellow buddies falling to a sudden death. Which I hope you have a box of tissues laying next to you as you play this game and it's fiery stories within. But most of all, I think this game will spark a new generation.

    As leading off from before, this game is a first person shooter. So it's almost the most new Cod but, better obviously. This game leaves off from the first one where there fighting for a equality among nations that seemingly just can not happen. But they are set out to find who this planet belongs to, and to whom it will belong to next. I would also assume that they will include a campaign as to where that will be where most of the emotion filled moments come from. Pick up that controller and take to the battle field, as if you were actually there.

    Now I know some of you are saying, oh well this game is very old. Well if you managed to read the title of this article, it's coming to PS4. They have talked and released recent messages hinting that this game will be interchanged and released for PS4 owners. Some that will excite, and some will have to grab some tissues and ice cream. But don't cry yet Xbox owners, they have also spoken of another new PlanetSide which will release for all newest consoles out there currently. Also those PC users aren't forgotten, it will be there too.
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