Phil Spencer: Xbox One ' Internal Stuff ' News

Bullet Mar 31, 2014

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    Microsoft have had a hectic few months since the launch of the Xbox One and with the fast approach of E3 you are probably wondering whats coming next right?
    Phil Spencer isn't giving away too much right now about the future of the Xbox One, but what he did say was interesting enough:

    'Without sharing too much I'll just say been focused on a lot of internal work stuff last couple of weeks, you'll hear more soon.'

    Was Spencer's response on Twitter to one such question asked by BobFTW who like many of us wonder what will happen next, what exactly does Microsoft have in store for the Xbox One...

    So what is your interpretation of 'Internal' , what do you think we could expect to see in the coming months from Microsoft, or indeed what would you like to see?

    Let us know your thoughts below

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