Phil Spencer Debunks Gears of War Bundle For Xbox One, Working On Improving Install Times

Nasyr Jan 8, 2015

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    Phil Spencer is a very productive man, very much so that he makes improvements on such little things that make the life of gamers just that little bit better. His Twitter account is often where he seeks to connect with gamers and get feedback on things they could be over-looking or could improve on. A recent user has questioned a important topic about the download time. As most games take hours and the Xbox One requires it and/automatically does it for most games before or while you play. The functionality of the game will be locked in some aspects unless the game is completed it's download time/process. So clearly, there will be a lot of complaints of that.​
    Phil made a quick response stated that he spoke to the team about times this week. Most games are equally good or needed but we need to do more work on disc layout tools to help devs. They also plan to improve or replace whatever necessary to make sure something is improved. None-the-less he promises an improvement in which this area lacks most. ​
    Now a recent leak tells that there may be a connection between Gears of War and Xbox, possibly leading to a potential up and coming bundle? It has not been confirmed but, it is sure the hot topic of what this could actually mean? But... In recent events Phil debunked this by saying "Not from me, I’ve never seen those pics before.” and then further stating on that, “it wasn’t an announcement by us, looks made up.” Just the way he stated it, it seems like a cover up. If I was to say anything, I would say expect a bundle to come with this game after its leading up to events.​

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