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    • The Nuk3town map, Calling Card, Reticles, and Weapon Camo are now available to all Players.
    • Updated Live Event Viewer CWL Feature Widget Image.

    General Gameplay
    • Fixed error related to using a picked-up weapon from a Player who left the game.
    • Resolved issue where Players were able to kill a prone Player when they ran over them with a carried Guardian or Hardened Sentry.
    • Fixed bug where if a Player died by a Semtex during the HC-XD calling animation, enemy Scorestreaks would continually fire at the spot of death.
    • Addressed global spawn issue that could occur when Players were killed when deploying Scorestreaks.
    • Added spawn trap logic to Uplink and Safeguard where additional spawns will open under extreme scenarios.
    • Enabled spawn trap logic in Public online matches.
    • Resolved bug where Players were able to gain additional Specialist Power by switching Classes at the beginning of a round.

    • Perks
      • Fixed exploit where the Ante-Up Perk would continue to work when a player switched to a class without it.
    • Equipment
      • Addressed bug where using the Black Hat on a Trip Mine or other equipment near a planted bomb in S&D prevented the user from disarming the bomb.
      • Addressed issue where the Combat Axe was unable to destroy the HC-XD.

    • Nomad
      • Fixed bug where the use of Nomad’s H.I.V.E. Gun would cause disconnects from Dedicated Servers.
      • Resolved an issue where the sound of a H.I.V.E. pod would persist for a Player if the Player activated the H.I.V.E. pod, but was afterwards killed by another means than the H.I.V.E. pod.

    • Hardened Sentry
      • Fixed a bug where Players were able to keep a Hardened Sentry active while it was being carried.
    • Counter-UAV
      • Fixed an issue where multiple aircraft could be destroyed by splash damage if within close proximity.
    • UAV
      • Fixed an issue where multiple aircraft could be destroyed by splash damage if within close proximity.

    • Fringe
      • Addressed exploit where Players were able to reach an unintended area near the white truck and junkyard.
    • Gauntlet
      • Resolved issue where the Safeguard robot would sometimes have trouble pathing through the garage when specific Custom Game settings were altered.
    • Rise
      • Added collision to prevent sitting on top of door-frame near center of the map.
    • Splash
      • Added collision to prevent Players from mantling through geo near Market Street.
      • Addressed exploit where Players were able to reach unintended areas near Atlantis building.
    • Skyjacked
      • Addressed issue where AI vehicles were becoming stuck when pathing in the lower portion of the map.

    Game Modes
    • Safeguard
      • Fixed issue where the Safeguard Robot would sometimes become stuck during it’s walking animation.
      • Addressed bug where not all escorting Attackers were being awarded with the Escort score event.
    • Search and Destroy
      • Resolved a bug where the bomb icon would not appear for all bomb carriers when multiple bombs were enabled in Custom Game settings.

    • MR6
      • Reduced Max Fire Rate.
    • IRC
      • Increased Accuracy.

    • Fixed a bug that would prevent the “100 Percenter” challenge from being awarded after completing all Multiplayer Challenges.
    • Resolved bug where Players were unable to earn a long shot medal for the NX ShadowClaw when Dual Wield was equipped.

    • Corrected a bug where sometimes Zombies would lack a walking animation.
    • Corrected bug where UI would fail to appear after loading a video clip from the Media tab.
    • Removed Hit Markers during game film playback while in Director Mode.
    • Addressed UI Error that occurred after a User interacted with the “Choose Mode” sidebar immediately after selecting “Take Screenshot” or while the Publish screenshot prompt was open.
    • Resolved UI error that appeared when attempting to delete a Local screenshot.
    • Addressed bug where the Bow FX would persist when watching a Zombies clip.
    • Fixed bugs related to the fast forward and record buttons.
    • Resolved issue that would occur if the User selected a Red Triangle Warning icon in their Recent Games.
    • Fixed bug where combat text would remain on-screen during a Highlight Reel.
    • Corrected issue where the UI would disappear if a Player pressed the Menu button during game film playback.
    • Fixed issue where burst fire weapons would sometimes be missing audio during playback.
    • When watching a Zombies Clip, addressed a bug where the Ritual Skulls would still be present during the Demon Bow quest if a Player rewound to the start of the clip.
    • All GobbleGum machines in a level are now active at all times.
    • The GobbleGum machine can now be accessed multiple times per round.
    • The Liquid Divinium drop rate cap of two vials per game has been removed; Players can now continue to earn Liquid Divinium as they progress through a match.
    • The Player’s current GobbleGum pack will now be represented in the inventory screen.

    Shadows of Evil
    • Personal items and gate worms will now use a shared inventory system.
    • The Ritual duration time has been reduced.
    • Addressed a bug where Players were unable to progress after upgrading the Apothicon Swords and then bleeding out.
    • Several stability issues with the main quest have been addressed.
    • Fixed bug where Margwas would continue to go after downed players.

    Der Eisendrache
    • Fixed several bugs where Players were able to use the Ragnarok DG-4 indefinitely.
    • Addressed issue where Players were able to duplicate an upgraded Wraith of the Ancients bow when using the Arms Grace GobbleGum.
    • Added several kill brushes to block off pathing exploits.
    • Addressed Zombies farming exploit at the test fire location.

    DOA II
    • Added small chance of golden egg spawning at chicken farm.
    • Fix for enemy no longer spawning during long boss rounds.
    • Increased Coat of Arms duration.
    • Fix for golden chicken not laying up to 3 eggs.
    • Coat of Arms now team shifts zombies from enemy team to Player team; (As opposed to a neutral team). Players should no longer be attacked by COA’d zombies.
    • Fixed Player chicken to fire fated weapons(force/fury) instead of default LMG.
    • Tuned the Player rewards for donated life.
    • Flying enemies should no longer be able to go beneath the ground surface in the graveyard map.
    • Adjusted a pickup spawn location in Combine map that was spawning objects beyond invisible clip barrier.
    • Fixed a bug where extra lives could not be earned post score of 100M.
    • Made some logic adjustments to how Players are handled while the “How far can you get” screen is up.
    • Added Host Migration to public matches.
    • Players should no longer match make into public games that have reached the Farm arena.
    • Ready up functionality added to public lobbies.
    • Invisible shadow zombie fixed.
    • Fixed issue in ROJ where joining Player with could be awarded a fate already owned by current Players
    • “Fido” the Siege Chicken added.
    • Fix for spinning saw pickup not crediting Player for enemy deaths.
    • Adjusted solo anti kiting logic.
    • Chicken Bowl eggs now drop towards center of arena.
    • Fix for a condition where player could die exiting a vehicle.
    • Fix for rare condition where Silverback could jump out of the boss arena.
    • Disabled physics wind on all maps.

    SOURCE: Activision Support: PS4, Xbox One
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