Overwatch: The Heroes I'm Playing Right Now

Grizzy Jan 5, 2018

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    Here are the heroes I’m playing right now at the start of Overwatch’s season 8 of competitive play. I’ve made selections from each category of hero: Offense, Defense, Tank, and Support.

    As far as the Meta goes not a whole lot has changed so far at the start of season 8.

    There was a change in how SR (Skill Rating) is calculated and matched with other players, and new skins will be available soon with the start of Overwatch League. However there hasn’t been any major patch released YET that drastically buffs or nerfs specific characters.

    I expect to see such a patch soon as every season usually starts with big changes to create excitement, and to keep the Meta fresh and evolving. I’ll keep you guys posted on that! For now,
    The heroes and team compositions that were excelling at the end of season 7 are still doing the same at the start of season 8.

    BUT, I wanted to give you guys my take. Some of the reasoning behind these choices relies on the already established data from last season, but a lot of it is my own personal opinion through the lens of my own experience. If you agree/disagree let me know in the comments — there’s nothing better than a civil Overwatch discussion!

    - Doomfist if you can play him well. Soldier:76 is also a solid pick


    I’m really happy whenever I have a decent Doomfist on my team, primarily because of his oneshot or near oneshot potential on so many characters. This ability of having really mobile, instant pick-off potential on a lot of maps is greatly underrated when determining which heroes are hot right now in the Meta. I believe this is because this quick insta-kill potential has decreasing likelihood as skill level increases. In diamond and above, Doomfist is less overpowered because more players know how to counter him correctly. But my experience in high Platinum and below has also shown that getting a fast pick-off right from the start (especially on control maps) is extremely valuable and often determines the outcome of the match.


    If you can’t play Doomfist that well (I'm in this boat) then 76 is my favorite DPS hero right now because he is really solid on a lot of maps, he works well both with and against most team compositions, hit-scan, speed, healing, not easy to dive--he’s the full package.

    - Junkrat, but not just on defense.

    Junk is really similar to Doomfist right now in that he is overpowered in the right hands -- and especially so in the high plat and below ranks. He’s just really deadly, really mobile, and his ultimate charges super fast when you’re utilizing his excellent spam-damage on defense. He’s one hero I often really wish I had played more in my early hours of the game, because since he was buffed at the end of August 2017, he has grown from a somewhat gimmicky hero that “didn’t have to aim” to a gimmicky hero that is a deathball to be reckoned with.

    - Tanks are really strong right now. Go with a shield and DPS-leaning tank combo, or bring back TRIPLE TANK!


    “If you have super strong tanks, and super strong supports...If they work really well together you can literally put any person on DPS and you’re gonna win.”

    That quote was said recently by the legendary pro player Taimou on the OverSight podcast, and I agree with it.

    The tanks in the game right now have the ability to shape the engagement of a team (when played right). They allow for everyone on the team to do they jobs to the fullest potential. Also with the continued strength of Mercy’s resurrection ability, having armor, damage blocking, and lots of health really helps with the longer fights we're seeing these days.

    The Reinhardt and D.Va combo is my favorite, but I also think triple tanking should come BACK -- as long as 2 of the tanks are DPS-leaning. I really love playing as her, but Zarya unfortunately feels a little weak to me right now. Her bubbles are extremely powerful and useful, but her potential to command space and the pace of engagement feels like it's lacking when compared to other tanks ability to do this.

    - Moira is awesome, Mercy is still (annoyingly) a must pick though…


    Moira really has so much potential as a hero. She doesn’t have as much raw healing potential as Mercy, but Moira can burst heal large groups which is great for battles at choke points, or on the objective. Also Moira’s fade ability is great for avoiding flankers and divers (the bane of a healer). Check out my video where I highlight some of her strengths and weaknesses.

    Mercy is still a must-have on your team if you seriously want to win, but I gotta admit, I hate playing as, or against Mercy. I personally think it detracts from some of the “fun” of Overwatch, and that her resurrection ability now undermines the point of the game: to out-play your enemy.


    Every time she rezzes my love for the core of Overwatch dies a little. What really attracted me to Overwatch over other competitive FPSs games like CS:GO was the unbelievably balanced and fine tuned strategic team elements -- and Mercy's rez feels cheap. I understand the counter argument that the use of this powerful skill is, in fact, part of the strategy. That you can’t just go willy-nilly rezzing all over the place. That it has to be well timed, and well executed…..but STILL…

    Ok rant over.

    Maybe I’d feel differently if I was a mercy main, or maybe I’m just a little tilted right now..

    Regardless of how you guys feel about Mercy, I hope you enjoyed this list.

    Let me know what heroes you guys are playing right now, and how your placement games went! And if you haven’t done them...just do it already. Your SR should fear you, not the other way around :)

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