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Grizzy Feb 27, 2018

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    We’ve known that a new Overwatch Hero was coming for a while now with the hints that Blizzard has been dropping here and there, but they just dropped a pretty big one on their Twitter...

    It has been about a year since the Hero “Orisa” appeared, and I think that this is the week Hero 27 will finally be revealed.

    When Orisa was released we saw a similar build up of hints and teases, and this upcoming reveal has been shaping up much the same way. Recently we saw the “declassified report” of what happened during “Operation: White Dome” posted on the Overwatch Twitter account, along with a letter (translated from Swedish) that Torbjorn wrote to his wife after this mission -- I’ll post the link to these below.

    And now the most recent (and pretty big) hint to drop is the image here, along with the caption: “I’ll knock some sense into you!”


    As has been previously hinted at this month, this picture gives us some more solid info that the new Hero will be probably be Torbjorn’s daughter. The word “Slaga” in Swedish roughly translates to “flail”, “beater”, or “club” in English; and in the picture it looks like it maybe opens and closes…?

    And when looking at the tacked-on sheet in the top left of the image, its hard to miss the unmistakable reference to the Swedish furniture giant “Ikea” and their iconic instruction booklets -- which has been a running joke with the Hero Torbjorn.

    What do you guys think? Who will the new Hero be and what kind of abilities do you think he/she/it will have (remember: the new Hero could be a robot/omnic too!).

    And does anyone speak Swedish out there who can helps us out with better translations? Maybe I should ask PewDiePie...

    I’ll keep you guys posted about any further hints to drop, and of course about the final reveal of Hero 27… but I think this is the week!

    Operation "White Dome" and Torb's letter to Ingrid: playoverwatch.com: Overwatch

    Overwatch on Twitter
    Edit: February 27th, 3:20pm PST


    Blizzard just dropped this picture on their twitter along with the caption "Last minute check! Everyone squared away?"

    This is another big hint supporting the widely held theory that this new Hero will be Brigitte Lindholm, Torbjorn's daughter (the character pictured at the beginning of the article. Why? After Overwatch disbanded, Brigitte and Reinhardt traveled together, and she helped him maintain his armor and shield, just as her father Torb once did. And this is clearly a blueprint of Rein's shield.

    Edit February 28th, 10:30am PST

    It’s official. Hero 27 will be Brigitte Lindholm! She looks like a cute (but deadly) little mini-Reinhardt! Now we’ll just wait and see what her abilities are...

    Stay tuned for more updates!
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