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ClunyTheScourge Nov 30, 2017

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    Since its initial release in May 24, 2016, Blizzard’s Overwatch has grown tremendously and ultimately ended up as one of the big leagues in the world of eSports. The game continuously attracts sponsors for its tournaments, and for this reason, new players are inspired to join the millions that are already there. It isn’t easy however, and that is why you might want to learn a thing or two before diving in, into the world of future Earth.


    Now if you are new to the game, you might want to know that Overwatch isn’t just a simple FPS game. If you’re familiar with Team Fortress 2, they have a few similar concepts. The game offers different roles, namely offense, defense, tank, or support. From those roles, you need to pick one that will synchronize well with your team of up to six (6) players.

    Here’s the Catch:

    A single hero can only be picked once per team. That means when your favorite hero gets picked, you will need to choose a different one. That is why we offer you a few of Overwatch heroes that have an easy to moderate difficulty in terms of mechanics, yet can make a huge difference in battle.

    Heroes to Pick from Different Roles:

    Soldier 76: Offense


    If you want to just shoot and aim, Soldier 76 is your go-to-guy. Unlike some popular offense heroes such as Genji and Tracer, it only requires you to aim and shoot for the most part. Other DPS’ers, requires you to be constantly moving around the map, and getting behind enemy lines with their enhanced mobility.

    The Soldier 76 is not on the tutorial for no reason. He is the most basic hero you can get out of the flashy and colorful collection of heroes in Overwatch. Though the skills and abilities may be simple, it does pack a powerful punch, especially against Mercy, Pharah, and Zenyatta.

    What makes him a formidable hero is his ability to self-heal. On top of that, it has the bonus effect that can extend to his allies as long as they’re in close proximity. Make sure you don’t stray too far from the pack though, since mobility is not one of his best assets.

    Bastion: Defense


    As far as defense goes, Bastion is one of the simplest hero to play and can actually be an asset to the team when played correctly. This robot is praised for its damage dealing turret and self-healing skill.To make good use of Bastion, look for a good position surrounding the area, and then switch to Sentry mode. When that is done, all that’s left for you to do is aim, shoot, and kill with your Gatling gun.

    Though the hero may have impressive skills and abilities, it does have its flaws. When in sentry mode, you watch out for those pesky high mobility damage dealers, namely Genji and Tracer. Once you get attacked from the rear, the hero receives double damage.

    Bastion may not be the best in some areas, but it is no doubt one of the best heroes to start off your Overwatch journey.

    Reinhardt: Tank


    A tank is an essential part of the game that soaks up the team’s damage. You can’t get any better and simpler hero than Reinhardt to do this job. Simply use your Barrier field together with the team to push forward and grab objects. He can also help dealing damage against other tanks with its ranged weapon

    The only problem worth considering with Reinhardt is his mobility. He is rather slow and will have a hard time positioning himself. He has a certain skill however, charge, which enables him to dash ahead and grab the first enemy he comes in contact with, dealing huge amount of damage.

    Mercy: Support


    It’s actually not that easy of a hero, but her abilities to heal teammates and buff their damage is extremely helpful. Either that or running around with a hero you can’t really play well.

    The best thing about her skills is that whichever the hero is facing, the heal beam will still connect to her target. Unlike Ana, who is a little bit similar to the hero, needs to actually have a good aim to heal teammates.

    The most critical thing when playing Mercy is positioning. Avoid fights on your own, stay behind your teammates, and of course survive as long as you can. Remember, a healer won’t do any good when he/she dies early on.

    Final Words:

    Overwatch is a highly competitive game, and that being said, expect some insults, bad mouthing, and trash talks heading your way. You’ll eventually get better as you keep on playing the game. Also, don’t forget to enjoy the game and have fun.

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